Feedback UI Round 1

Thank you @owen and @nadia for the great first throw! In terms of aesthetics, I’m blown away. As usual, I’ll not feedback on everything I like but only nitpick… So.

Some notes from my end:

  1. Project Example:

Please use a Ugandan School Stove Project as example. We shouldn’t appropriate other peoples work… Here are the videos and pictures:
(Made for the Pitch Video)
(regular documentation for the first couple of schools - probably best to use one of those)

  1. Visually, the draft is a bit too dominated by Text for my taste. Idk how, but if it could be more clearly “Video First”, that would bring our point across better, I think?

That is only for “Activist-Facing” part, the “compliance grade report” will be text-heavy (and isn’t really there yet, but that’s OK).

  1. I don’t like the “explore” in the title at the beginning title. It’s more like “show projects in need of verification”, right?

  2. The video does some confusing jumps between verifier and activist view (can be fixed later) and it doesn’t yet show the initial activist workflow (film problem, suggest solution, provide budget, film solution implementation). Maybe this can be done with the video snipplets from ?

Missing two different user views, project submitter and project validator. Flip map view in order.

One more UI (or is that UX?) thing just came to mind:

Filming a video in Whatsapp or TikTok, then click on the “share button” and share with the climate gains app.

=> Adversarial interoperability so important, make it as easy as possible to use our thing without leaving whatever the existing ecosystem is.