New UNDP API Specs

@matthias So the new UNDP Registry team got to work, now this is probably the API specs for the future national registries:

I looked through the API documentation. Would need more context though to know if it is relevant for our work at this stage.

Is it a centralized accounting system for the outcomes of the ITMO mitigation actions? If so, this “UNDP Registry” thing would authorize a project first, then it would be implemented using the existing ITMO platform, and then the result would be accounted for via the UNDP Registry platform again?

The UNDP Registry also includes a user management and authentication API. I remember you once told me that officials should be able to authenticate on our version of the ITMO platform using the “UNDP Registry”. However, the ITMO platform also includes its own user management.

For the moment I can’t see where or how the UNDP Registry user management would be relevant for us. Right now, my best guess is that UNDP would add Registry API usage to their ITMO platform, and we’d automatically inherit these features as a downstream fork. But that’s just a guess.

tl;dr: If you find any documents about the role of the UNDP Registry in the overall software architecture, please send them my way. I need to learn more about it to know if and how to use it.