Nextcloud starter package

Allright. Everything seems to be working fine atm and we can start working with our provisional nextcloud. It will probably be much easier to just import the files to the new infrastructure and NOT the database, which means that that e. g. shared links will not be available after that. We should probably just focus on working together on documents (and maybe for Nextcloud Talk).

Using Nextcloud Hub as our Collaboration platform

Nextcloud is a privately hosted cloud platform which as of now includes all the tools of a full collaboration/groupware suite /w filesharing. It’s not as good as GSuite or even Office 365 (yet) - but it’s free and open source and has numerous other advanteges like data souvereignity etc.

For file sharing, you can also use the Desktop Sync Client, available for Windows, Max and Linux., as well as apps for iOS and Android.
Additionally, you can integreate nextcloud calendar/tasks with any client that supports CalDAV protocol (same with contacts → CardDAV)

User Manual

Summary of basic apps:

(1) Nextcloud Office (Collabora), basic text processing, spreadsheet, presentation, more or less straightforward → allows us to work together on documents
(2) Shared Calendar for subscription / editing → we will use this to organise events/meetings etc.
(3) File Sharing: Structure to be discussed, as of now there is just one shared folder with a couple of files
(4) Photos: Just a (very basic) Photo App, it’s not very good and I see no point in using it as of rn.
(5) Contacts: Create and maintain a public address book, probably better to use a “real” crm tool
(6) Forms - a simple app to create and design forms, e. g. invitations for launch event
(7) Nextcloud Talk - a communication app that supports voice and video conferences, screen sharing etc. “conversations” work similarly to slack/teams
(8) Deck - mixture between Trello and basic issue tracker, probably not the best overall (and for our needs)

Some notable stuff in the settings menu:

(1) you can set up passwordless Authentication with WebAuthn
(2) specify notification via push or mail (e. g. Recieve an e-mail when a calendar entry has been created)

I suggest we discuss details in this thread and I put up sth like a summary / basic guidelines


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