Our domains and e-mail addresses

Hi everyone, rather than self-hosting something at this phase I think it makes sense to just set up multi-user protonmail accounts with a custom domain (climategains.com). For now we have climategains@proton.me as the default.

Asking @matthias to verify the validation request that has been sent to our domain name provider when you have a bit of time.

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It’s some time since that first request for e-mail addresses, and now high time to finish the e-mail setup. We have registered climategains.org now (not climategains.com). And I have a task here from Nadia that says “Create nadia@climategains.org and forward it to [redacted personal address]@protonmail.com.”

That got me thinking. I don’t want to maintain e-mail service on both climategains.org and climategains.community, since e-mail is complicated these days. Which one do we prefer for e-mail, and how should that impact the domains used for the Climate Gains websites?

My proposal:

  • We use e-mails only in the form [usernames]@climategains.org.
  • We put the current public-facing website on climategains.org; that is already planned.
  • We put the UNDP ITMO backend software on admin.climategains.org. That has the advantage that e-mail domains fit its main domain name “climategains.org”. A mismatch can (and should) make users suspicious if the e-mails are possibly phising / fraud attempts.
  • We leave the forum here at climategains.community, as that seems like a natural top-level domain to use for a forum. E-mails sent from the forum would also use the climategains.org domain, though. (That domain difference is still a bit suspicious, but since there is no money handling involved in the forum, there is nothing to phish for here and users will not have practical concerns with these e-mails.)

A similar proposal can be made for climategains.community – which I like less for the sole reason that it’s longer. In any case, I only request to settle on one domain that will have both e-mail service and most websites associated with it.

Comments, @OmaMorkie and @nadia?


only comment is yes! and thank you :slight_smile:


Will make that yes reality then! Will tell here when done.


I have now adapted the setup partially to the new main domain climategains.org:

E-mail setup for climategains.org will follow. Moving the current landing site to climategains.org will also follow (cc @owen, let’s coordinate on this).

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E-mail addresses have been set up now. We have now:

@OmaMorkie, which e-mail address do you want? It’s hard to guess an alias you will like :smiley: Also needing the address to forward to. Also same goes for @owen.

We use improvmx.com for forwarding e-mails to climategains.org addresses. Gives us 25 free forwarders, which should be enough for the next time. Sending e-mails from the domain is not yet set up; that’s one of the next steps.


Can you go with “tim@climategains.org” and forward to tim.reutemann@climate.university ?

Sure. It’s done now!

Perfect, thanks!

On this note: I’ve tried navigating to www.climate.gains.org and it won’t forward me. Does without the www. Not sure how many clicks that is costing, just flagging :slight_smile:
(Firefox, bunch of plugins)

Hmm ok. Fixed now. Forwarding the www version works in all the combinations now, as per these demos:


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Hey Matthias

ehm, noob question. Can I also send emails from the climate gains address?

Would be good for professionalism to switch over to that one for investor communications.

E-mail sending from climategains.org using personal e-mail clients is not yet possible.

The webserver can send such e-mails though, and I just had a simple idea to make that available to personal e-mail clients as well. Namely, use our webserver software Nginx to proxy the internal mail relay and add authentication. Will try that in the next few days.

That avoids going through the SendGrid setup hell. SendGrid is a provider for outgoing e-mail messaging for companies … I tried using them a few weeks ago, until they wanted me to send screenshots of where our e-mail addressees consent to being e-mailed and to their data privacy statement, and I should tell stories about the company, and send a link to a professional social media account. :exploding_head:

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Please don’t! I thought it was as simple as SMTP, but… naivite. It’s fine, I can just use my proton mail.

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Yes, exxxxactly!!! It’s like that.

I have self-hosted e-mails for edgeryders.eu since 2012 and it’s getting worse every year.

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