Video Script draft

Here is a first throw, based on a previous version.

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I like it. Nice work!

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@nadia @Olli reworked video script after round one with the filmmaker just dropped. Will re-open the discussion tomorrow morning.

One more update to the script just now. The Voiceover is final. BUT

The last and most important scene needs serious UI / UX Design work. Namely:

(Visuals of imaginary User-Interface here?)

---------> thinking of animated gamified interface, showing interaction of two climate activists, one confirming that the other is really installing schools, confirming that they’ve seen the videos, creating a public track-record with each other.

Transfer of money from a public fund.
@nadia would you have someone in your network to do the fake interface design work? We are starting to reach out to contacts on our end. This is a paid gig, so budget available.

P.S. You have been cancelled from the script, as it was too confusing to introduce an unknown character at the very end… Does that make sense? If not, we need to find a way to make it obvious why you appear there…

It’s perfectly fine :slight_smile:

I think Owen and I could do that. let me check with him what budget would be needed.

Notes from Call on Wireframe:

What is the "(L) in the top left corner?

Activists Wireframe:

Signup =>

  • Where are you?
  • Starting Points (Programmes)
  • Predicted benefits (SDG - icons) for each programme (including money)

Step 1: Similar to verifier wireframe:
Do you agree to:

  • You will deliver XYZ (video explains)
  • You will accept money from XYZ
  • You agree to all videos being public
  • Completing stage 1 unlocks stage 2 (more money)

(agree) - writing + video

First time: - Signing the “zero hour” contract /

  • Verify ID Phase, later no more ID required connect existing social media.

Step 2:
Interface similar to contract, video explaining first, then interface to record and submit (same as verifier and step 1 wireframe)

  • Done it (baseline study)

  • Sent to verifier

Step 3:
Claim reward => While activists are recording, they get life (automated) questions on what they need to inculde in the video.

  • Share button
    Note for later - Interface for external friends (like share and subscribe)

Verifier Wireframe:

Notification first =>

Public Activist Profile visible for Verifiers. Activist Profile Page (account, incl. Dashboard)

Find baseline video =>

Speech-Bubble button for comments => Inspector can make notes / comments by voice (+ auto transcribe) or video.
“multimedia comment section”

At the bottom instead of those boxes =>
Three bullet point questions, each with an image.
(Are there three stone fires?)
If all conditions are true, click “check”.

repeat with other video

Voice Over just dropped!

I don’t like the way she pronounced “digital native” - and will give it a more thorough listen tomorrow. We can still ask for minor changes.

who is speaking on this? Actress?

Yes. Fivver voice over pro, to be exact.

My impression is that its a bit mechanical maybe? The intonation is a bit weird.

Can you be a bit more action oriented, please?Should we find another voice or this is fine with some tweaks?

I think we can run with this with some tweaks. Ending sentences with a downward inflection. And sounding a little bit annoyed :))

I’ll reach out to her later today.

Wait I made a version now

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