A brief summary of the zoom meeting conversation on 7th 11:00-11:50 EAT


  1. About the Climate gains community mobile app

  2. Importance of good videos and pictures during the implementation of the project

  • Good quality videos
    -Good microphone and a quite environment with no background noise
    -To have a default transparency and trust pictures and videos are very important

3.Situation in Tanzania and carbon trading activities

4.Fundraising ideas
-From celebrities
-From businessmen and women
-Climate 2025

5.How am i going to carry my project
a)A meeting with my team to supervise work , my team will include 3 people
-briefing the team about the project
-Roles they will play during the project
-Allowances and other costs

b)setting out the date when the project will start

c)contacting the engineer and his team
-Getting ready with all the requirements needed
-signing contracts

d)Contacting the school to provide all the necessary information and assistance we would require

e)construct begins
-social media handling begin creating twitter lives and instagram and twitter posts for every step of the project

f) Handling over the project to the school

g)Report writing where i will include the challenges and solutions to the challenges i faced on the field

h)Accountability of the funding

I)Future prospectives

g)Carrying out assessment after three months to see the progress

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