A proposal for how we building and finance tech: the ClimateGains way?


ClimateGains is a pioneering organization committed to funding community-led initiatives for a sustainable future, inspired by the ancient Silk Road’s spirit, and driven by open-source technology to revolutionize the carbon market while promoting environmental and social justice.

The core mission of ClimateGains is to gather resources to fund efforts to assist communities in transitioning from fossil fuels, deforestation, and unsustainable lifestyles. By maximizing efficiency and minimizing resource wastage, ClimateGains supports a plethora of activities, including building infrastructure, advocacy, artistic production, policy design, and providing relief in crises. The organization emphasizes a flexible approach, allowing participants to adapt their efforts for collective impact, catering to the specific needs and participation constraints of different individuals and organizations. Transparency, freedom in task execution, and avoidance of unnecessary bureaucracy are key to ClimateGains’ methodology, ensuring informed choices for all involved ( Our theory of change).

ClimateGains operates in two distinct areas:

1. Carbon Project Development: This division focuses on developing and financing commercial ventures for large-scale emissions reduction. First such project: Climategains.org/ghana-green-schools

2. Tech: In the tech sector, ClimateGains is dedicated to the development, maintenance, and service provision of tools for carbon project developers and regulators.

Our commitment to building a tech company is deeply rooted in the conviction that a just and sustainable future demands a radical rethinking of how we build and run the technological infrastructure we use to achieve our goals. We are dedicated to pioneering a unique corporate model with a specific focus on open-source software development. Leveraging the spirit of the ancient Silk Road, we aim to revolutionize the carbon market through our open-source software, ensuring our tech tools and services offering is not only innovative but also aligned with our vision for environmental and social justice.

Harnessing the Spirit of the Ancient Silk Road: Building a Climate Tech Company for a Sustainable Future

Trade and exchange have long served as conduits for sharing culture, creating wealth, and spreading ideas and peace. The Silk Road, a historic marvel, exemplifies this ethos as it connected the West with the East, crossing vast distances, kingdoms, and languages for over 2000 years. But the Silk Road was not a single road; it was a resilient, interconnected network of paths and routes.

At ClimateGains, we draw inspiration from the Silk Road’s spirit and adaptability as we chart our mission to fund community-led initiatives for a sustainable future. Our core mission is to gather resources to support communities in transitioning away from fossil fuels, deforestation, and unsustainable lifestyles. We maximize efficiency and minimize resource wastage to facilitate activities such as building infrastructure, advocacy, artistic production, policy design, and crisis relief. Our flexible approach caters to the unique needs and constraints of individuals and organizations, emphasizing transparency, freedom, and informed choices.

The ancient Silk Road teaches us invaluable lessons about the formation of dense, resilient networks. Michael Frachetti’s research reveals that these networks didn’t arise from planned trade routes but were shaped by the movement of sheep. The flow of thousands of sheep across Central Asia guided the movement of people, fostering the development of interconnected routes.

Just as connections on the Silk Road were maintained through shared culture and infrastructure like campsites and caravansaries, ClimateGains builds stable connections through our ecosystem of open-source software, innovative tools, and collaborative platforms. Our community-centric approach fosters shared knowledge and relationships.

In a rapidly changing world, ClimateGains embraces adaptability, much like the traders on the Silk Road who navigated diverse landscapes and challenges. We recognize that addressing climate change requires continually evolving strategies and approaches tailored to local needs, just as the Silk Road had multiple paths to the same destination.

Collaboration is at the core of our strategy, mirroring the Silk Road’s role in connecting cultures. Climate tech companies must collaborate across borders, industries, and sectors to develop holistic solutions. Our interconnectedness means that innovations in one part of the world can lead to progress elsewhere.

Resilience, a hallmark of Silk Road traders, is equally vital for climate tech companies. We must be prepared for setbacks and challenges while remaining committed to our mission for a sustainable future.

In conclusion, ClimateGains embodies the spirit of the Silk Road in its pursuit of climate justice. By drawing inspiration from the past and embracing innovation, collaboration, adaptability, and resilience, ClimateGains navigates the complex adaptive system of climate change. Together, we can forge a path towards a better future, building upon the lessons of the Silk Road for generations to come.


1. Open Source Software: A Paradigm Shift in Tech Tools and Services

Our core strategy involves harnessing open-source software as the backbone of our tech tools and services offering. This approach facilitates a globally connected network, akin to a digital Silk Road, bringing together carbon project developers, carbon sellers, and regulators. By focusing on collaboration and inclusivity, we aim to empower diverse groups from the Middle East and Africa, ensuring equitable participation in the carbon market.

2. Organic Growth and Collaborative Deployment

Echoing the organic development of the Silk Road, ClimateGains embraces a similar philosophy of growth through collaboration. We believe that sustainable solutions emerge from the collective efforts of a community united by shared goals. Our network thrives on this collaborative innovation, addressing the complexities of carbon management with adaptability and resilience.

3. Community-Centric Approach for Sustainable Development

ClimateGains places a strong emphasis on building a community-centric network. Each of our software projects is a hub for sustainable development, reflecting the ethos of the caravanserais of the Silk Road. In these collaborative spaces, stakeholders engage in meaningful dialogue, co-create solutions, and forge lasting relationships, all within an open-source framework.

4. The ClimateGains Ecosystem: Empowering Change Through Technology

Our approach is rooted in the development of open-source software, which forms the backbone of our tech tools and services offering. This network, reminiscent of a modern-day Silk Road, connects individuals and organizations globally. We focus on creating collaborative software projects that bring together carbon project developers, carbon sellers, and regulators from diverse regions, particularly the Middle East and Africa. Our ecosystem consists of various open-source projects, each tailored to address the unique challenges of the carbon market.

1. Open-Source Software Licensing and Support

  • Core Offering: Provide open-source carbon management software solutions to project developers, carbon sellers, and regulators free of charge under open-source licenses (e.g., GNU General Public License).
  • Revenue Stream: Generate revenue by offering premium support, customization, and consulting services for users who require specialized assistance or tailored solutions.

2. Carbon Registries Creation and Maintenance

  • Core Offering: Build and maintain carbon registries to securely record and track carbon credits and offsets.
  • Revenue Stream: Charge organizations and governments for the setup, maintenance, and access to carbon registries, ensuring data integrity and transparency.
  • Revenue Stream: Charge a nominal transaction fee or commission on each carbon ITMO sale within the marketplace?

3. Video-Based Tools for High-Quality Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification with a 100% Sampling Rate

  • Core Offering: Develop and provide advanced video-based tools that enable high-quality monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon projects, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • Revenue Stream: Charge licensing fees for access to these cutting-edge monitoring tools and services.

4. Data Analytics and Reporting Tools

  • Core Offering: Develop advanced data analytics and reporting tools that help organizations track and optimize their carbon management efforts.
  • Revenue Stream: Charge licensing fees for access to premium analytics and reporting features.

5. ITMOs Marketplace/ Auction Platform

  • Core Offering: Create a digital marketplace where carbon sellers can list and sell Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) on an online auction platform where verified carbon credits can be bought and sold via competitive bidding. a…
  • Revenue Stream: Charge a participation fee for buyers and sellers.

6. Community Events

  • Core Offering: Encourage individuals, organizations, and businesses to become ClimateGains members or partners around event participation.
  • Revenue Stream: Generate revenue through tickets and collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

6. Donations and Grants

  • Core Offering: Open avenues for individuals and organizations to contribute to ClimateGains’ mission through donations and grants for a fellowship program to upskill community members.
  • Revenue Stream: Generate funding from philanthropic sources, grants, and crowdfunding campaigns to support research, development, and outreach efforts.

Rethinking Commerce for a Sustainable and Just World

We would like to experiment a circular bartner network based model for getting projects off the ground and rewarding those who contributed, monetising them and distributing returns to those who contributed as per pre-defined agreements. Let’s call is Venture Social Capital :slight_smile:

Catalyzing Change Through Collective Human Capital

In a world predominantly driven by financial capital, ClimateGains introduces a paradigm shift, focusing on the power of human capital as a sustainable and impactful resource. This innovative initiative reimagines our approach to solving global challenges by leveraging the collective strength and creativity of individuals, rather than solely relying on traditional financial investment.

The Core Philosophy: Venture Social Capital

At the heart of ClimateGains is the concept of “Venture Social Capital.” This groundbreaking model supports positive local projects by harnessing the collective power of extended social networks. It operates on a commitment-based structure, enabling efficient, business-like decision-making. This strategy marks a significant departure from conventional banking and investment models, tapping into the latent potential within communities.

Addressing Societal Crises through Human Potential

ClimateGains recognizes the pressing crises of poverty and ecological imbalance that our society faces today. The initiative understands that while ideas are abundant, the resources to actualize them are often scarce. Venture Social Capital emerges as a solution to this imbalance, utilizing “Countercyclical Capital” – resources that become increasingly available as economic conditions deteriorate. This capital is the untapped potential of people: their skills, time, and willingness to contribute.

A Collective Approach to Impact

ClimateGains operates like a collective, akin to a labor union, where individuals commit their time and skills. This collective strength becomes a powerful agent for change, providing innovative solutions and crucial support to transformative projects.

Making a Tangible Impact

ClimateGains aims to address the gap in financial support for transition away from fossil fuels, akin to how Wikipedia harnessed volunteer efforts for global knowledge dissemination. This model of utilizing volunteer labor, supplemented by minimal financial capital, targets solving critical employment challenges and closing the innovation gap threatening our future.

Our approach is multifaceted, operating through three pivotal arms:

  1. Harm Reduction: Starting with the installation of fuel-efficient kitchens in schools to reduce wood consumption and protect workers from traditional cooking hazards, we aim to implement emissions reduction projects and develop technology to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Crisis Resilience and Response: We prioritize swift resource allocation and coordination for frontline responders in environmental and socioeconomic crises in vulnerable communities.
  3. Transition Pathways: Using science fiction as a creative catalyst, we gather diverse actors to envision life and work in post-growth economic systems, forging practical transition paths.

Additionally, our Advocacy arm strives to integrate our learnings and solutions into mainstream power structures and resource allocation processes.

Our goals for this year are ambitious and crucial to our mission:

  • Harm Reduction: We aim to raise $15 million to finance the Green Schools Program.
  • Crisis Resilience and Response: Our focus is on promoting the adoption of our digital MRV technology for climate and development projects.
  • Transition Pathways: We seek to build partnerships to support the Science Fiction Lab and its activities.
  • Advocacy:
    • We advocate for compliance with Paris Agreement Article 6, emphasizing emissions reduction.
    • We aim to establish internationally transferred mitigation outcomes to fund diverse green transitions, empowering people to choose their economic systems and pathways.

Your Role

ClimateGains invites you to commit just one day a year – 10 hours of your time – to contribute to this movement. Your participation can significantly impact projects at their most critical stages, aiding in their success and creating sustainable employment opportunities.

Imagine a scenario where thousands volunteer a day each year – this collective effort represents a significant force for pioneering projects that traditional financial institutions or governments might overlook.

How to start

Joining ClimateGains means more than just volunteering your time; it means becoming part of a movement that values human ingenuity and collaborative effort dedicated to uplifting and supporting groundbreaking initiatives.

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