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ClimateGains makes emissions reduction happen 10x Faster. By reducing the waste of time, talent, and money needed for activists to deliver on climate commitments. Our fintech tool makes this possible simply and reliably while creating a learning ecosystem.

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Foundations and philanthropists are increasingly committing money to climate action. We can produce the most impact by getting funds out quickly at the right time and directly to activists. The world is experiencing catastrophic climate impacts, and they are accelerating.

Investing in cost-effective climate solutions

The tool allows funders to work with youth activists we vet through our onboarding process.

"Data analysts at Giving Green calculate that in the United States, every “dollar spent on activism could remove more than six metric tons of CO2e” (CO2-equivalent). By comparison, Giving Green reports that a dollar spent on “top-performing insider policy advocacy organizations” removes somewhat less than two metric tons of CO2e.”

In other words, it is roughly three times more cost-effective to send in activists than lobbyists.

Funders can see the fruits of their contributions bloom in real-time and redirect funds to the most impactful projects.

More action, less paperwork, and greater diversity

Our solution is a video-based tool focused on the management of climate and development programmes with last mile stakeholders. It reduces the time needed to implement projects from 3 years to 3 weeks.

  • For the funder, it allows direct interaction with the partners. It automates reports demonstrating ongoing progress and impact in a way aligned with reporting standards.
  • For the people implementing projects, it allows them to avoid all paperwork and only use their phones to generate project proposals, receive funding, and deliver proof of their actions and impact.

Together we can achieve real-world impact.

We will make emissions reduction happen ten times faster than now:

  1. Make funding accessible to activists worldwide by ensuring that money is invested where transformative change is possible.

  2. Ensure that money can be sent immediately in times of emergency

  3. Create a robust learning ecosystem of activists

  4. Increase community-led projects because that is where the solutions are.

  5. Massively increase the % of climate finance that goes to actual work on the ground instead of what is now spent on paperwork.

  6. Speed up the process for evaluating and getting promised money to people doing action on the ground from 3 years to 3 weeks.

  7. Make climate finance accessible to people who are on the frontline but do not have money to hire expensive grant writers or have the ability to get past local gatekeepers (intermediaries accessing funds thanks to their resources while not being the most impactful actors)

Validated approach

We have tested the workflow for thirty school renovations in Uganda through the Vash Green Schools project. A project led by Vanessa Nakate, Founder of the Rise Up climate movement. The United Nations named her a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals in 2020, and Time magazine named her to its Time100 Next list in 2021. Nakate and her work have been featured worldwide, including New York Times, the Guardian, Huffington Post, World Economic ForumCNN, and the BBC, among others.

Supported by the Prototype Fund and Stiftung Mercator, we have developed a mobile application.

Taking it to the next level: co-designing solutions that align with funders and that will allow for larger-scale implementation.

We have tested the workflow on the activists’ side and will continue to consult our end users. Their solutions might very well determine whether or not we are able to contain the climate crisis in the required time.

We want to speak to forward-thinking partners willing to invest time and resources to demonstrate how foundations and philanthropists can play a crucial role in accelerating solutions to reduce emissions.

The ClimateGains is a powerful accelerator with the potential to be scaled and applicable to other causes.

How does it work

The tool allows funders and investors to work with youth activists with no previous track record or intermediation through international organisations. To minimise risk and provide incentives for cooperation it splits payments into a large number of small tranches, each depending on video proof of delivery of each step. It decentralises validations and verification, so project managers at donor agencies can outsource detailed review activities as required.

How it works


Partner with us.

We are very grateful to the Prototype Fund Switzerland and Stiftung Mercator Schweiz for their support to build the prototype.

Now we are looking to partner with philanthropy actors around programs targeting small- to medium sized actions (range 1000- 10’000 USD per project):

  • Run an existing project or program through the Climate Gains solution
  • Create a new climate impact program
  • Develop a white-label product (further development and marketing of the technology)

We are currently raising 1 million CHF for product development, and a management fee for technical maintenance, managing the community, and processing data for the next two years.

Our Team

Tim Reutemann

Climate Finance and Carbon Market Expert

Senior Climate Finance and Carbon Market expert. Having seen and evaluated hundreds of climate project applications and helped with writing dozens himself, he has a deep understanding of the landscape and the reasoning behind its mechanics.

Nadia Alter

Creative Director

Ethiopian-Sudanese-Swedish Designer, engineer & entrepreneur. Currently CEO of a Swiss Cybersecurity company. Nadia Co-founded Edgeryders- the collective Intelligence Company. Work has been featured in La Repubblica, Vogue Italia, The New Yorker, Wired, Dazed, The Guardian, L’Echo, and The Nation.

Vanessa Nakate

Climate Justice Activist

Founder of the Rise Up climate movement and the Vash Green Schools Project, which aims to install solar panels on all of Uganda’s 24,000 schools. Vanessa was named UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals in 2020, and Time magazine named her to its Time100 Next list in 2021. Image credit: Vogue/ Alamy/Reuters

Matthias Ansorg

IT Engineer

Educated as a computer scientist, Matthias cares for all IT systems and software development at ClimateGains. Appropriate technology and frugal living aficionado. Winner of the "European Social Innovation Award 2013" with computational barter networks, a new mechanism for economic exchange. Prior to joining ClimateGains, Matthias co-founded Edgeryders – The Collective Intelligence Company with Nadia Alter.

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