Appstore Barriers & Pains

I’m running into a barrier trying to publish the app in google store - apparently you need a tax ID to publish a free app (which we don’t have at this point, as keeping overhead minimal…

Sorry, but I’m afraid I’m failing at the one task related to getting the app life that I had :frowning:

@matthias @owen If you could help out with that, highly appreciated. Might take a few weeks to get the paperwork that Google seems to require.

Oh wow, so they made it even more complicated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Not your fault. I always wonder how so many people made it through that nightmare of a process before.

I have one active Google Play publishing account (of a small German non-profit association). Can upload the app there for the time being.

For that the app needs a different ID, though (for @owen). It’s currently io.ionic.starter. I propose we use . Also there is still time, as we will only publish the app in the store once we have a version that is fully usable.

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