Article 6 Assembly: Pioneering New Horizons

ClimateGains Leads the Way in the New Compliance Era – Strategy, Sustainability, and Shared Expertise.

Event Description:

ClimateGains, at the forefront of the burgeoning compliance market, proudly presents the Article 6 Assembly: Pioneering New Horizons, a deep listening session for those engaged in the evolving carbon market post-COP28. This session is a pivotal platform for understanding the nuances of Article 6 and the complexities of carbon trading regulations. As a pioneer in this field, ClimateGains will be actively participating as a seller in the world’s first ITMOs auction, more info on this soon.

Participants will explore roles central to the carbon market: Project Developer, Technology Provider, Auditor, Equity Investor, Loan Investor, Validator, Buyer, Diplomat and Carbon Market Office. Each role has been meticulously designed to mirror the challenges and opportunities revealed by COP28’s focus on creating transparent and efficient carbon trading systems.

The session will feature action cards and real-life scenarios, guiding participants through market transactions, logistical challenges, financial negotiations, and ethical considerations. Simplified yet effective templates for Term Sheets and Validation Reports will enrich the learning experience.

In this deep listening session, teams will engage in strategies to maximize trade gains within their countries, mirroring COP28’s commitment to equitable market growth. Participants will also face individual challenges, navigating through ethical dilemmas and real-world issues like corruption.

The Article 6 Assembly, initiated by ClimateGains, is more than a listening session; it’s an opportunity for project developers, investors, regulators, and buyers to learn from ClimateGains’ experience and each other, as first movers in the compliance market. Join us in this unique environment where strategy, compliance, and innovation meet for a sustainable future. This session is an invitation to be part of a transformative conversation, shaping the future of sustainable carbon trading in the new era of compliance.


The equivalent of peace games simulation for the new compliance carbon market. Specifically: Things from the VCM we don’t want to see repeated, a deep understanding of where the problems entered and how different players can contribute to ensuring they don’t happen again in the emerging ecosystem.



Expectations of participants

Show up, and participate in an interactive and fun exercise to learn together and build meaningful connections. Chatham House Rules.


Dates: late February, date tbc
Where: Online, Zürich, Brussels


Free of charge and open to Project Developers, Technology Providers, Auditors, Equity Investors, Loan Investors, Validators, Buyers, Diplomat and Carbon Market Office staff.

We will announce the registration and calls for partnerships on our Newsboard.

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