Bonn 3rd -13th of June

Despite being exhausted already, I’m afraid we will have to get on a stage and record a life presentation very soon.

Bonn will be the best occasion to get Daniel and Aric in the same room. We should also have @adu_ernest and a matron with us. Putting the end2end implementation into a single room, play through it in less than an hour.

First things first on my list:

  • Will ask UNFCCC for recommended visa agency
  • register & as side event.
  • make blurb and flyer.
  • initiate location scouting.

Further thoughts:
Announce as “A theatrical simulation performance of an article 6.2 project approval cycle in less than an hour.”

  • think about what we can do life with the audience and prepare regular presentation to have an MVP for all angles.

Is there a possibility for someone outside Europe to attend Bonn

So actually getting into Bonn is a similar process as getting into COP. Not doing that.

Will be pursuing this on a pirate approach, just rent a bar nearby, distribute flyers by the entrance and direct invite the key people.