Brussels Group call #4: Keeping Order + Fundraising

To do this week…

  1. @OmaMorkie offered to go through this document containing European Commission funding calls and pick a few to apply to. There is an entire section on international development and cooperation funding and tenders calls.

  2. @nadia: What unique technology development do we actually need funding for (SSNA + Video + Speech to text). Talk to Matt about this and produce a spec.

  3. @nadia Finalise business plan and talk to Region Bruxelles to find funding opportunities for local startups.

  4. @Olli: The podcast - We need someone to care for this process, not do all the work but ensure that we dont lose focus on it. We said that each week we would select 3 headlines from the week, have a 30 minute recorded group chat. Then have that edited into a 3-minute teaser. Could you manage this? Maybe also looking into how much it might cost us to outsource the editing via e.g fiverr so we can make a budget for that?

To do in general

We use a shared calendar

We use the platform calendar to schedule and invite people to meetings. To get your event on the calendar is easy. Create a new topic, and click on the calendar icon in the WYSIWYG editor. @OmaMorkie is scheduling the next team meeting (finding a fixed date and time that works for everyone).

File naming and using folders

In order to ensure we can run a scalable project, we agreed we need to agree on a shared convention and stick to it. @Nadia proposed the following system, please respond there @Olli @OmaMorkie @nico42 : Keeping our house in order: Naming and placing files - #2 by OmaMorkie