Call notes Climate Gains and Tard Fouindation 8.March - Onboarding to the app

These are rough notes from the progress of our ongoing user tests in Kenya and Tanzania. We will discuss baseline recording today.

Present are:
@Reagan @nadia @Flawa @DianeyM @Tim_Reutemann as well as a guest, Michell Uvya.
Magoiga Mtatiro joined later as observer

Nadia is president
Regan leads the discussion
Tim takes notes.

By end of meeting:

ClimateGains App is installed for recording by Activists.

Agenda Point 1:
Presentation President
As usual for signup into fin-tech, it starts with creation of organization and users.
Program can only be created if there is funding for it and where it comes from.
Videos usually involve asking someone for their consent to a change or recording of the actual change and impact of the change.
The activists and the funder negotiate what level of verification is required and thus video milestones.
Every Program can have many projects. For example, one Green School Program in Uganda has 70 school projects.

Next Step:
Mobile App
You can use it in a browser or create a shortcut. Guidance to install a progressive web app.
President guides all present through installation of the web app on their phones.
Preferred app for receiving link shares it WhatsApp

First trouble that needs help:
System: iOS, Chrome Browser does not work, need to use Safari.
Go to

As usual, one participant has network problems, group proceeds. Will manually help them.

Navigating the different programs, using the Ghana Program as example.

Enabling Geo-Location Access.
Verifier mode.

Video submission and audit unlock next funding round.

What happens when phone lost?
Re-identification (email by default) and restore account.

After pressing the complete step 1 button, should there be a message to show that the videos have been uploaded?
You back to the same window, but you should see a blue tick. The reason why you can open it again is to allow you to re-take the video. Everyone sees the blue ticks now?

We have a whatsapp group for tech support - link shared

Lesson for faster testing: Have validators and activists log in for presentation.

Tim Input: Next Step: We define the detailed steps of what you need to record. My requirement as funder is that I want to know as much as possible about the wood use. What else we record is locally determined.

Regan input: He is sharing step-to-step guidance used in Uganda as template on the forum.

Nadia provides installation guidance for progessive web app for this forum on iPhone & explains how and why to use it.

Grace was given with emojis and thank yous.

It looks very much like an issue accessing the phone’s GPS so the first thing to check would be location permissions @Tim_Reutemann

This is usually asked when the application is launched for the first time:

But it can always be checked by going to the user’s phone settings. On iOS it looks like this:

On Android it is usually by touch and holding the app icon, selecting permissions then location and you should see something like this but for the ClimateGains app:

If this doesn’t solve it, it will be challenging to diagnose the problem without going through the app with the user.

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@DianeyM @Flawa Please meet Owen. He is the technology lead who actually makes the app tik. Please talk directly.

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Problems I had when trying to use the app in Uganda:

Tried to use the app without internet access:

  • Progessive Web App doesn’t open / show the programs when offline.
  • When I get it to open (low bandwidth), the app closes after recording a video. The video is safed into gallery, but I cannot find the project to add more answers after re-opening the app.