Climate Gains in a call with the UNDP Accelarator Labs

Hello @OmaMorkie (and cc @nadia). I now work at the UNDP Accelerator Labs, which is quite a fascinating object. I am happy to tell you about it at some point, but for now the point is this: we have an activity called solution mapping, where we, well, map grassroots innovations we find in the 115 countries we operate in.

We are thinking about how to give back to the people that generously share what they do with the Labs. And one thing that comes to mind is: many of these innovations are around reducing CO2 emissions (selected examples).

The idea is this: how about having Tim as a guest on one of our weekly calls with the global network? They happen every Tuesday at 7.00 AM New York time. You could explain the landscape of carbon credits; the problem of getting the money to the Global South; and that CG has a solution to that problem, prototyped with Vanessa in the context of Uganda. The hope is that some of the Labs will want to step in, and promote (or even prototype themselves) your solution in their local contexts.

What do you guys think? If you like the idea, I will involve the colleagues and we can take it from there.

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Dear Alberto,

So you are at UNDP now? This world is so small. Well, I think if I show up as a guest, we would have to also say a few words about the carbon registry, which I help develop at the UNDP Digital Innovation Team… :slight_smile:

Important Context: UNDP can not support anything without going through country office and letter from national government. Vanessa has received open threats from the speaker of parliament in Uganda and wants no attention whatsoever from them. Being very careful on that front, as I cannot judge how dangerous the situation is for her. But she did agree to meet Gloria from the country office for coffee (didn’t happen yet though). It should be fine UNDP internal, but will double check with her.

Can talk about the Ghana prototype with no problem though.

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Tim, thanks for this.

  • The call is internal, open only to employees of the Accelerator Labs. Expect 60-90 people.
  • Of course, you decide the angle: Ghana or Uganda, Vanessa or not. What matters for us is to inspire the Labs. Ideally they would see a concrete opportunity.

Ok, it seems we are aligned enough. I will now loop back to my colleagues, and then open an email exchange with you and a couple of people in UNDP. The main person is Eduardo Gustale, who is in charge of organizing these weekly calls.

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Update: next week Edu does the planning of the next two months, then we’ll be in touch. Thanks again!

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@OmaMorkie I can propose 11 or 18 July, at 13.00 Brussels time. Does this work?

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I currently don’t have plans that far into the future, so both can work :slight_smile:

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