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@nadia @HUGOOD So, it seems like we got a stage and shall roll a presentation!

I was thinking of a very simple format of slightly overdrawn play, with me as nerdy policy wonk explaining weird requirements to Nadia as nerdy user experience designer. With slides with photos in the background.

Below is braindump:
Sanity Checking the Carbon Market

  • A is currently burning lots of stuff. (Baseline Kitchen)

  • B helps Person A to burn less. (Construction Pictures)

  • C finances B’s cost for resources. (Ernest Mobile Pay to Mason)

  • D checks out the receipts that C brings. (Report from CarbonCheck)

  • E pays C if and only if D provides evidence that A really burns less stuff now.

  • A is are kitchen crew in schools in Ghana

  • B is are mason crew in Ghana

  • C is our company

  • D are auditors

  • E are oil companies in Switzerland

That process has to be transparent enough so that at least two small government teams at EPA Ghana and BAFU Switzerland can oversee legal compliance of dozens of similar programs that all run very different technologies. Further, one small international UNFCCC team has to file and archive all project documents and data.

Monitoring Report
Verification Report
Validation Report
Eye Cancer
Removing Tech Debt From a 1990ies Global Compliance System

What is all that for? Can’t we just renovate kitchens and take pictures of the process please? You can oversee a lot more projects if they all produce their reports in short video format and use social functions for discussing them…

Show Database Backend or App?

Partners around the world:
Just taking pictures makes our life so much easier thank you!

Where we are, legally speaking, with Article 6:

  • Waiting for EPA Ghana to give green light.

Where we are, materially speaking, with school kitchens:

  • This is the video we got this morning, next school kitchen going up.