📗 Collective Intelligence Tools Manuals

This platform uses open source technology developed by Edgeryders Oü for turning our discussions into collective intelligence.

It is based on a unique methodology, called Semantic social network analysis. It combines ethnographic coding and graph mathematics.


  • Convene large-scale online conversations, with hundreds of participants and thousands of contributions.
  • Perform ethnographic coding directly in-platform, and transform the conversation into structured data.
  • Instantly visualize the associations across ethno codes, and the interaction across participants.
  • Use the power of graphs to make inference about how the conversation’s “collective brain” perceives the issue under discussion.
  • Integrated workflow supported by open source software.
  • GDPR compliance and personal data minimization.
  • Consent funnel for ethically acquiring informed consent to participating in research.

There are two tools that you need to master in order to make use of these capacities on this platform. You access the manuals by clicking on the link below.

If you have any questions about its contents, first read the questions and answers in the comments to see if someone already answered it. If not, then post your own question in a new comment there.:

:green_book: OpenEthnographer Manual
:green_book: Graphryder Manual