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Text & Pictures:
(1 - Simonetta Sommaruga at a COP panel, with a speech bubble)
Switzerland has commited to be a leader in international climate cooperation.

(2 - Logo)
Climate Gains is all about speeding up that cooperation.

(3 - "If you won’t behave like responsible adults, we will)
We do so through youth activists. They are the ones ready to bring about the change they want to see in the world.

(4 - Vash with our app on her phone in the field)
In our trials, youth delivered fast and cheap.

Let me talk about the cheap part first:

(5 - this e-firefighter truck )
Admited, an extreme example - But this famous electric Füürwehräutoli is a Swiss national climate action - and comes with a pricetag of 8’000 CHF for every ton of CO2 it reduces.

(6 - Baseline stove Ghana)
Using our prototype, we renovated a large school kitchen in Ghana for 8’000 CHF.

(7 - Final kitchen picture with 5 stoves)
8’000 CHF covered the whole thing. The stoves will be reducing approximately 2’000 tCO2 over their lifetime. So our price is 4 CHF per ton resp 0.2% of the fancy Füürwehrautöli from Basel, and maybe 2% of average Swiss emission reductions.

(8 - Illustration using the numbers above)
That differential is the main reason why international cooperation is so popular among economists.
But if the economics are so clear - why isn’t it already happening?

(9 - Data - Bern sketch, one “Data” Item moves, gets stamped, one “Money” Icon flows back to the School)
This illustration shows you the process cooked up for the cooperation:

You build a climate technology and generate the data proving that you actually build it and it’s actually used. Then you send the data to Bern and it gets a stamp. Then you send the stamped Data to Zurich and Zurich sends money that you can use to install more climate technology.

The key here is the Data. What kind of Data are we talking about?

(10 - Stable Diffused “Drowning in Paperwork” Art)
Traditionally, that data is a pile of paperwork describing what the stoves look like and where they are.

(11 - map of Ghana, left half of the screen)
Say we build one thousand school stoves
(100 grey map markers drop)

(12 - mark 10 of the map markers blue)
You have to monitor a random sample of maybe one hundret

(14 - mark 3 of the blue markers green)
As Bern doesn’t trust you to provide accurate data, you then have to hire an auditor and fly them in - typically from India. You then put them in a Jeep for a few days so they can see maybe three of those school kitchen. The Indian auditor goes back home, spends a few weeks to write a fancy report and bills you 20’000 CHF. With that report, Bern is confident and stamps.

(15 - same map on the right half of the screen, 100 green map markers drop)
As we developed our approach during a climate crisis and a pandemic, flying people across countinents for a few days seemed a bit anachronistic. So we are using a digital first approach - If you build 1000 school stoves, you monitor 1000 school stoves and verify all of them.

We achieve this by using a different kind of data.

(16 - few seconds from school baseline video Ghana)
At the core of our approach are videos. In every school, the kitchen pre-renovation will be recorded,

(17 - few seconds from construction video)
the construction itself filmed

(18 - few seconds from chefs cooking with the new stoves)
and the continued use confirmed regularly.

(19 - short video walking, then screenshot, draw green, blue and red circles around buildings and trees)
We implemented some security features in our videos making sure they are not spoofed.

(20 - Google Maps, same green blue and red circles around the same buildings and trees)
for example, our geolocations are verifiable from satellite images and the timestamps on the video files secured by hashes

(21 - screenshot registry with map)
Further, the government of Ghana will keep track of all our school projects in the national database, so no other entity can double-claim credit for the same installations.

(22 - Screenshot our App, validator view)
All this video data is published. Any citizen in Switzerland can check them out - so instead of one guy from India, we can have hundrets of Swiss people double checking the reality of our claims.

(24 - Screenshot title )
Our video approach also cuts out all the middle man in consulting firms, as we get a direct line to the last-mile implementers on the ground. Recent reporting has shown that up to 80% of all carbon money ends up with middle man…

At the beginning of this presentation, I pitched our tool not for being cheaper, more efficient or more trustworthy - these are just side effects of our most critical goal: Speed.

(25 - Data-Money-Slide, with data packes and money icon flow speeding up, becoming a constant stream)
Our project cycle can be completed in a few weeks - in contrast to the arbitrary administrative rituals that cost projects many years today. As our app is not limited to school stoves as a technology nor Ghana as a country, any person, Verein or Gemeinde in Switzerland can team up with a local change agent and initiatiate their own international climate cooperation to achieve real reductions within weeks.

(26 - Breaking News Slide)
Without that extra speed, it is already forseeable that Switzerland will collossaly fail its international climate commitments. Our reputation will go from climate leader to climate loser.

(27 - Our homepage, Support Us Section)
Our partners on the ground stand ready to scale this up and we are half way there to get the official endorsement from Ghana. We are confident in our ability to scale this to hundrets of schools this year and thousands next year and are ready for investments.

With that - Thanks to Prototype and Mercator for making this possible and find us at our table for more details!

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