Digital Hygiene: A shared File-naming convention?

Hi everyone, as we are starting to send a lot of documents, and versions of documents, around to external parties it is good to have a shared convention or naming them. So we can, without having to open a file, know what is inside.

@OmaMorkie and I have been using one such convention - whenever we have made edits to a file, we add:

Filename_Edits _InitialsPerson1-InitialsPerson2

Suggestions for improvement

I think we can maybe go one step further to keep our house in order. How about?

Year-Month-Day_TypeOfDocument_Organisations_Status _InitialsPerson1-InitialsPerson2


For the contract between a possible investor (let’s call them InvestorA) who is represented by PersonB and ClimateGains a document which is still being edited it could look like:


When the document is good to go from our end, as decided by the person responsible for following that process (e.g an account manager from our end, in the case of the example below let’s say that person is me)


What do we think @Victoun @OmaMorkie ?

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