📗 Discourse User Manual for edgeryders powered websites

There is a complete manual for using websites like this one powered by Edgeryders technologies for online communities. It covers both general use of the Discourse forum software used, and conventions and features only found on Edgeryders powered sites. For admin features, see the Edgeryders Discourse Admin Manual .

You access the manual by clicking on the link below. If you have any questions about its contents, first read the questions and answers in the comments to see if someone already answered it. If not, then post your own question in a new comment there.


@matthias we need an addition to the manual on forking threads for @OmaMorkie and other admins (I forgot)… can you add?

Admins and mods can click the wrench button (“topic actions” tooltip) in the top right part of every topic view. Then click “Select Posts …”, click the select buttons for posts to move, and choose the suitable action in the sidebar to move them to an existing or new topic.

Please Matt, can we get rid of “OmaMorkie” in my username somehow? I get I signed up for the Edgeryders forum in 2018 as a pseudonymous lurker for the economic science fiction lab… When trying to do it myself, I get:

oh nooooo, the rabbit goes! Adulting I guess :slight_smile:


Yes, you can change your username yourself on https://communities.edgeryders.eu/ . After that, do a new login on https://climategains.community/ . For details, see our manual section “Changing your profile information”.

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Yes, it’s working! Thank you!!!

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