DRAFT I The ClimateGains Journey in 2024: Where we go from here

Last year, as the world continued its relentless spin, two pivotal events carved the path for ClimateGains in 2024. This recount, a tapestry of observations and insights, draws from these experiences to chart a course through the year.

1. The Workshop Odyssey

Our journey began with a significant step - facilitating a workshop on the future of climate and finance for notable entities like the OECD, AFD, and Plurality University. The output, “Exploring Futures of Climate and Sustainable Finance,” wasn’t just a report; it became a manifesto heralding change.

2. The COP28 Chronicles

The COP28 summit unfolded as a global stage where the narrative of our planet’s future was debated and shaped. We were honored with invitations from the UNFCCC secretariat, AFD, and a collaboration between the Global Carbon Council and Ernst & Young. There, we engaged in a blend of art, discussion, and presentations on ITMOs, showcasing our vision amidst a global audience.

These experiences at the summit revealed the limitations of consensus-based decision-making, underscoring the need for dynamic, inclusive approaches in tackling global challenges.

3. The Twin Pillars: Imagination and Implementation

ClimateGains focus for 2024 is anchored in two fundamental principles: Imagination and Implementation. Imagination is about envisioning new, post-fossil-fuel social-ecological systems that respect a diversity of values, cultures, and histories. It’s an exploration that transcends technology, delving into the nuances of social dynamics and human relationships.

However, the power of imagination must be coupled with practical implementation. The Paris-Agreement compliant carbon markets represent a realm where new ideas are put into practice with significant resources. In this evolving market, our Green Schools Programs, alongside countries such as Ghana and Switzerland, play a pivotal role.

4. The Opportunity Unfolding

ClimateGains, a pioneer in the new carbon market, exemplifies our commitment to turning visions into reality and experiments into national programs. Working alongside nations like Ghana and Switzerland, we demonstrate practical approaches to emissions reductions, serving as a model for responsible environmental stewardship.

Our objectives include:

  • Showcasing viable alternatives for post-fossil-fuel societies.
  • Developing realistic transition plans for communities.
  • Influencing climate finance rules to ensure autonomy and choice.

5. Inspired by Messina: Building a Cluster

Drawing inspiration from the Messina Advanced Cluster, we aim to create a collaborative environment that values relational goods and systemic functioning. This initiative involves bringing together diverse entities, from construction companies to social cooperatives, each aligned towards a shared mission of sustainable development.

6. Seeds for Tomorrow: Initiatives and Programs

To catalyze change, we’re launching initiatives like a Scifi Economics Residency Program, the Paris Article 6 Mixer and Appropriate Technology Labs. These platforms serve as incubators for clever ideas and practical solutions in our journey towards a sustainable future.

7. The Event Sketch: Shaping the Future

Our upcoming event, “Shaping the Future: A Sci-Fi Econ and Residency Introduction,” is meticulously planned to foster engagement, collaboration, and synthesis of ideas. It’s an arena for participants to contribute their unique perspectives, enriching the collective understanding and shaping actionable outcomes.

8. The Continuum of Learning

Our commitment extends beyond singular events. We engage in an ongoing process of learning, sharing, and evolving, blending imaginative concepts with tangible actions. From gatherings on sailboats to immersive experiences, we continuously integrate our learnings into real-world contexts.

In conclusion, as Hemingway might have aptly put it, the world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places. ClimateGains is about finding strength in our collective challenges, envisioning and realizing a future where humanity and our planet thrive in harmony.

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