Draft: Paris Article 6 Mixers


Article 6 Assembly: Pioneering New Market Horizons

Event Description:

ClimateGains, at the forefront of the burgeoning compliance market, proudly presents the Article 6 Assembly: Pioneering New Market Horizons, a deep listening session for those engaged in the evolving carbon market post-COP28. This session is a pivotal platform for understanding the nuances of Article 6 and the complexities of carbon trading regulations.

Participants will explore roles central to the carbon market: Project Developer, Technology Provider, Auditor, Equity Investor, Loan Investor, Buyer, and Carbon Market Office. Each role has been meticulously designed to mirror the challenges and opportunities revealed by COP28’s focus on creating transparent and efficient carbon trading systems.

The session will feature action cards and real-life scenarios, guiding participants through market transactions, logistical challenges, financial negotiations, and ethical considerations. Simplified yet effective templates for Term Sheets and Validation Reports will enrich the learning experience.

In this deep listening session, teams will engage in strategies to maximize trade gains within their countries, mirroring COP28’s commitment to equitable market growth. Participants will also face individual challenges, navigating through ethical dilemmas and real-world issues like corruption.

The Article 6 Assembly, initiated by ClimateGains, is more than a listening session; it’s an opportunity for project developers, investors, regulators, and buyers to learn from ClimateGains’ experience and each other, as first movers in the compliance market. Join us in this unique environment where strategy, compliance, and innovation meet for a sustainable future. This session is an invitation to be part of a transformative conversation, shaping the future of sustainable carbon trading in the new era of compliance.


  • Online: tbd
  • ZĂĽrich: tbd
  • Brussels: and would like to have you both participate as speakers/ panel members.



Date: 2nd week of February @Tim_Reutemann ?
Where: Online


EPA/ Ministries
Banks/ Investors


  • Eventbrite - no need to complicate things.
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So I think the way to go is to have them do the role playing game. It’s almost done, but I think we need to have a proper make-over to play it in a room.

Cards, coins, a bit of narrative development and we are good to go.

Alpha Version of the Game is here. I got 5k from UNDP for making it, yay.

OK. I was thinking something very simple and a lot less fun. But, if we can do and communicate it easily - sure, fun is waaaaay better than not-fun :smiley:

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The game is quite simple, there are 7 roles,

  • project dev
  • tech provider
  • auditor
  • equity investor
  • loan investor
  • Buyer
  • Carbon Market Office

Each of them has private and public tasks they need to accomplish.
Each has “action cards” with stuff like “ability to transport and install equipment to the villages for 100 USD a container” or “provide a loan at min. 15% IRR, 10 million, secured by ERPA”, “a black suit case with 50k USD in cash” etc. pp.
& their abilities fit into each other to form a complete end to end carbon project cycle.
There are super simple templates for Term Sheet, MADD, Validation Report etc.
That’s the core role play.

Play mechanics and how its fun:

Teams with co-win conditions: We calculate how much of the gains of trade (i.e. difference between cost and max. willingness-to-pay) stays in the country, team win for national resp. buyer for team with >50%

Individual goals:

Then there are some abilities that when played lead to corrupt events (“You receive a letter from you uncle. He can supply bricks at 30% discount”) => if the tech provider says yes, the project now has child labor in the supply chain.

We can add some rolling of dice for dramatic effects e.g. when validator does site visit in a place that has corruption.

Some individual have fun side goals like “find a job in a different country” or “pocket 5k in black money” etc. pp.

It’s in alpha stage and was only tested with an online group so far :slight_smile: