Eco friendly stove report

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Kindly find the attached link below to the stove report

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Hey Flawa! Will make the remaining 40% payment now. Please, one question: For the firewood savings, I can see the %, but would love to have the raw / original data used to calculate it.

β†’ This is something that needs to become a habit for successful Article 6 programs going forward: We have to act as if we have no trust between ourselves and provide all the info that an independent third person (who really doesn’t trust us at all) can look at it and be convinced. That is also the reason why we insist so much on recording everything with pictures and videos.

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Hello team,

I have uploaded the requested pictures and videos to drive for access. Link:

In folder you will find the following:

  1. current 2 days consumption picture; it is a picture showing how much firewood is being consumed for preparing the school meals, this was captured currently when the eco stove is in use.
  2. Past daily consumption; it is a picture show how much firewood was being consumed before the construction of the eco stove. This was captured during the unloading of the firewood in the school ground, before the eco stove was built.
  3. Headteacher comment; here your find what the school headteacher is commenting on the overall project, highlight the benefits of the eco stove.
  4. School cook comment; this was earlier shared we have moved it into this folder so as to keep everything in an organized manner.

NB: The time used currently on boiling of water is 38 minutes compared to the last evaluation before the eco stove construction which had last for over 1 hour (both the videos will be uploaded on the same folder).

Feel free to go through and let me know if anything is missing or needs to be updated.


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