General monitoring of developments: UNEP Emissions Visualisation summarising state of CDR

There is a lot of hype around carbon capture, but I’m willing to bet not a lot of clarity around what that actually means in practice. I found this visualisation from UNEP Emissions Gap Report chapter on CDR. It provides an overview of CDR method categories. NB: I’m sceptical about the whole thing, so file under “omvärldsbevakning”:

Coloured circles: progress toward the “ideal scenario”. Some factors probably fixed ( land use) while others may change over time (e.g. energy efficiency).

Note: No idea how they calculated this (don’t have time to read into details much). Going to guess the numbers assume a lot of this is happening in global south. So, count on maybe 10xCosts if people opt for CDR initiatives are in the North.

The people who make the report are friends form my 2 years working in Copenhagen :slight_smile: I would suggest:

Our plan is:

  1. All schools kitchens -50% firewood use
  2. Net-Zero or Negative Schools i.e. Foodforest + Solar hot Water + Gasifier / Biochar Stove in all schools by 2050.

ON CDR: Always remember: Buying coal in the world market and dumping it in the ocean currently costs 30 USD / tCO2… Also remember: Unless people start blowing up pipelines today, CDR will be necessary for the 2° Goal.