Ghana Project as Example for the UI For the Prototype - Demo

@owen @nadia I think we have enough material from Ghana now to use the real program to replace the dummy projects in the app.

I’m thinking of the Demo to be the signup → final delivery process of a school into the Ghana Schools Program, incl. Validator View.

idk how we should best go about it? The Ghana Pictures are here:

and the project documentation here:

300 tCO2 per year reduced by saving
300’000 kg of firewood, saving
500’000 Cedi for the ministry of education, while generating
125’000 Cedi carbon income for the community and allow
3’000 Students & six chefs to enjoy cleaner air

We should also have the initial “pick a project” a bit more witty. So say you can see maybe 4 programmes, then one is schools Ghana, one schools Uganda with Vanessa…

For the other two, we can also put something creative there, doesn’t have to be all good old classic climate projects?

@OmaMorkie This will be straight forward enough since the logic for displaying and applying to programmes is already implemented - so this is a backend work, not UI and @matthias would be the person to set up additional projects following the template of the initial one:

{"id":"638f6a7d5020beaf162c3b17","name":"Uganda school kitchen modernisation","status":"active","createdAt":"2022-12-06T16:14:53.283Z","updatedAt":"2022-12-29T21:01:24.406Z","settings":{"project":{"steps":[{"index":"1","description":[{"language":"en","text":"Create and submit an application video. After approval, you will receive the first pre-funding and can start the work."}],"worktime":1,"risks":"loss of time when application rejected","supplies":"smartphone with videocamera","tech_support":"<b>phone:</b> +23 456 7889900<br/><b>email:</b>","name":[{"language":"en","text":"Application Phase"}],"type":"document-upload-review","content":[{"private":false,"required":false,"type":"upload-multiple-documents","title":[{"language":"en","text":"Question 1/2"}],"description":[{"language":"en","text":"Tell us how do you plan to execute this project?"}]},{"private":false,"required":false,"type":"upload-multiple-documents","title":[{"language":"en","text":"Question 2/2"}],"description":[{"language":"en","text":"What challenges will you probably encounter, and how will you solve them?"}]},{"private":false,"required":false,"type":"upload-multiple-documents","title":[{"language":"en","text":"Security Question"}],"description":[{"language":"en","text":"Repeat this phrase: the quick young fox jumps over the lazy dog."}]}],"submitter":"developer","reviewers":["validator"]},{"index":"1","description":[{"language":"en","text":"Create and submit a video showing the situation at the start of the project."}],"prefunding":1000,"worktime":3.5,"risks":"Ordinary occpational hazards :-)","supplies":"smartphone with video camera","suppliers":"Mr. Kazanga's Universal Store<br/>Soandso Stree 123<br/>GXR23 Kampala","tech_support":"<b>phone:</b> +23 456 7889900<br/><b>email:</b>","name":[{"language":"en","text":"Baseline situation"}],"type":"document-upload-review","content":[{"private":false,"required":false,"type":"upload-multiple-documents","title":[{"language":"en","text":"Question 1/1"}],"description":[{"language":"en","text":"Show and describe the school's kitchen situation on video while walking around in the kitchen."}]},{"private":false,"required":false,"type":"upload-multiple-documents","title":[{"language":"en","text":"Security Question"}],"description":[{"language":"en","text":"Repeat this phrase: we want you to repeate a random phrase."}]}],"submitter":"developer","reviewers":["validator"]}],"monitoring":false},"applications":[{"role":"developer","identity":{"description":[{"language":"en","text":"ID card<br>"}],"type":"nationalregistryid"}},{"role":"validator","identity":{"documents":[{"description":[{"language":"en","text":"ID card<br>"}],"name":[{"language":"en","text":"ID card"}],"id":"63ae0024d9db34c3c146f695"}],"type":"onplatform"}}],"functions":["developer","validator"],"finance":{"fundingSource":"European Union","fundingCurrency":"EUR"},"media":{"poster":{"url":"","caption":"example of a kitchen stove in a school kitchen"},"video":{"url":"","caption":"video from a former stove installation"},"gallery":[{"url":"","caption":"stove detail"},{"url":"","caption":"school pupils around a modernized school kitchen"},{"url":"","caption":"a previous team with their finished stove installation"}]}},"defaultSector":"Energy Demand","countryCode":"ug","locationName":"Kampala","emissionsAvoided":1200,"projectsCount":14}

As far as images and other assets, we can link to the ones hosted on NextCloud as long as they remain securely hosted there - I don’t see an issue - perhaps Matt has other thoughts on this though.

On my end I am finishing the work on the video storage and upload mechanism in the app, it’s been fairly complex to anticipate network upload issues but I’ve made enough progress that I think it will be ready in the next one to two days. I will post an update shortly.

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Hey Owen - I’ll take you up on the “now would be the time” - can we sit together virtually before you disappear? idk, for example tomorrow at 10 AM?

Goal: The Demo shows the real projects
My homework until then: Select the videos and pictures we want to be there

@OmaMorkie - yep 10:00 works, speak to you then.