Ghana Recording Tasks for Ebenezer

Please review! Anything I missed or is stupid? @nadia

Stove installation:

  • 3 photos preparation of the construction site
  • 3 photos of each Construction steps (e.g. bricks, steel, plaster)
  • Ideally half way through the construction process: Continous video showing a 360° Panorama of the school from outside and then move to the kitchen were the installation happens. At the end of the shot (still recording, no pause), please look into the camera and say “The Lion and the Lama share more than their breakfast”
    (this is a randomly generated phrase that proofs that video wasn’t pre-recorded before the phrase was generated)
  • A detailed video of the finished stove, with the engineer / construction worker showing off the finished stove and explaining how they build it and why it is a good stove (you can tell them that this is their chance to sell a lot more stoves :wink: )

Stove Testing:

  • Setup: Ideally, the kitchen team should use the stove for all three meals on that day. For each meal, they should ideally prepare two identical pots, one using the old stove, one using the new stove.
  • Make two piles of firewood at the very beginning that have the same size (and weight them, take pictures of weighting like last time).
  • Take another picture at the evening / next day of the remaining wood in each pile after three meals were cooked, weight the firewood again.
  • Interview the kitchen staff, try to find out if anything should be improved on the stove before installing more of those.