Greetings and Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am Najma Omary, an Environmentalist and a Climate Justice Advocate from Tanzania.
I am excited to be here and I am looking forward to engaging with all of you and sharing insights on how we can create a more sustainable future together.

Thank you.


Your most welcome Najma. Please meet @nadia @Tim_Reutemann and the rest of the Climate Gains team

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Hi Njama!

I’ve been sharing a document over here that covers all the bases that the government will probably need:

Read and discuss with Flawa?

I think we shall a meeting with Flawa and Najma soon

Hello Najma, glad the technical glitch worked out :slight_smile:

I’m ClimateGains co-founder along with @Tim_Reutemann - happy to see you here and welcome to our shared community space.

This is our collective home on the internet where we connect, share information, collaborate and sometimes just post cat pictures… @Tim_Reutemann, @adu_ernest , @owen and @matthias don’t have a physical office and use this same platform to run the organisation and all our projects.

I guess Reagan has described how we get things done together here, but please dont hesitate to ask if you have any questions, or share ideas etc.

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Hi Tim,

This is well noted, we will soon have a meeting with @Flawa and @Reagan

Thank you.

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