Help - Access denied

@matthias My reply button is MIA for the post below… Could you please double check what happened there and wave a magic wand to fix it?

Ok, waved it, should be fixed up now.

The larger issue is still that the “Lounge” and “Communication & Promotion” categories use access restrictions based on trust level (“user experience”, such as number of posts and such). If you want to really protect this content, let’s use group based permissions. If you don’t want to protect this content, let’s make it public to not create a false impression of being properly access protected.

@nadia, any special reason for the current setup? Otherwise I’d make that content public.

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I would prefer to use a (manually defined) group setting.

We can keep a “lounge” comparable to the current one, but only once we open the floodgates and invite large numbers of people on. Until then, activity metrics seem pointless to, atm we know everyone here personally.

I want to keep those two closed, as it should be free to discuss campaigns without worrying about sharing sensitive or confidential information since we are dealing with institutions alot.

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