How to enable a user to be able to reply to posts and comments

Hi @matthias or @daniel - @Victoun does not get the reply button in his user interface for this post

Any idea why, and how to fix that?

In such cases, the first guess is to compare the user’s group memberships (here: includes group “collaborators”) and the rights assigned to members of these groups for the post. That can be checked in the settings of the post’s category, here category Fundraising . In tab “Security” of those settings, you see what a “collaborator” is allowed to do: “See”, but not “Reply” and “Create”.

Fixed that now by including the “Reply” and “Create” rights for collaborators. I think I fixed it once before for all categories, but this might be a new category …


yes it was a new one I made a while back. Thank you!

@daniel Hi Daniel,

On the post of Nadia call “Unleashing Climate actions : Next …” I don’t have a reply button. I dont succeed to fix it. Can you help ? Thanks

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Fixed now. Same issue as above, and again for a category that I either missed when doing the initial access rights setup, or that was added afterwards. Shouldn’t happen …

No need to try fixing it, you’d have to be Discourse admin to do it. Just tell me (@matthias – Daniel is also admin here, but not for the day-to-day tasks).

Thank you :slight_smile: @matthias

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