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My Deers,

I just got off the phone with one of my favorite contemporary German intellectuals - And can announce that Tadzio Müller ( ) will give a lecture on his latest work on climate justice and repression (in the psychological sense) the gather town! This is to trial out basic functions while having fun and meaningful contribution to our work.

We are still composing the exact invite, but got a registration form on here:

and now links to the

Especially @nadia : Can we create a sub-discourse open to the audience for discussing the lecture? Was thinking as a category here or however it is easiest for you.

@nico42 @Olli

We agreed as an audience of 20-100 as target. Not for excessive invite spreading.

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Yes sure. Honestly though if it is just one event, I would make it a thread rather than an entire category… - You create an event on the discourse, and then people can discuss in comments - that way its super easy to find and join the discussion. What do you think @OmaMorkie ?

Heads up @OmaMorkie this is what I get when I follow that link:

RE: The Discourse: However it works for you, just got to make a bunch of accounts as soon as people sign up. Also happy to do so myself if you show me how :slight_smile:

Reg. the bug:
Thanks! That was the www. and the https… Need to go without, just does work - Also, it just forwards to gather, so nothing really to see there.