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ClimateGains makes emissions reduction happen 10x Faster. By reducing waste of time, talent and money needed to deliver on climate commitments. Our fintech tool makes this possible and simple. We are in discussion with the government of Ghana for a national scale Paris Article 6 program.

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Our greatest resource in the race to fight and adapt to climate change is people willing and able to implement effective actions on the ground. But they need resources for materials, equipment and their time. Governments have already committed the money. But only 20% of climate finance is going to emissions reduction activities on the ground. A whopping 80% is currently going to intermediaries for paperwork:

“A broker could convince a buyer to pay €5 for a carbon credit that is worth only €1. While the customer would regard both prices as relatively cheap compared with the costs associated with reducing their actual emissions, the sales price represents a hefty 400% markup for the broker…In fact, there is anecdotal evidence that intermediaries inflate carbon credit prices to the extent that they end up making several times more income from a sale than the project owners who actually take the climate action and bear the risks associated with it. For example, AlliedOffsets identified almost 250 projects where brokers shockingly resold credits for at least three times the purchase price.” - Carbon Market Watch, 2023

The Climate Gains tool makes it possible get 80% of climate finance to actual emissions reduction work on the ground, instead of the current 20%.

We can speed up emissions reduction by a factor of 10.

While making sure there is no greenwashing or fraud.

More action, less paperwork.

Our solution is a video-based tool focused on the management of climate and development programs with last-mile stakeholders. It reduces the time needed to implement projects from 3 years to 3 weeks.

  • For the funder or investor, it allows direct interaction with the partners and generates compliance-grade impact reporting automatically from those interactions.
  • For the people implementing projects, it allows them to avoid all paperwork and only use their phones to generate project proposals, receive funding and deliver proof of their actions.

Unleash talent at scale.

The tool allows funders and investors to work with youth activists with no previous track record or intermediation through international organisations. To minimise risk and provide incentives for cooperation it splits payments into a large number of small tranches, each depending on video proof of delivery of each step. It decentralises validations and verification, so project managers at donor agencies can outsource detailed review activities as required.

Validated approach.

The workflow has been tested for thirty school renovations in Uganda through the Vash Green Schools project. A project led by Vanessa Nakate, founder of the Rise Up climate movement. The United Nations named her a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals in 2020, and Time magazine named her to its Time100 Next list in 2021. Nakate and her work have been featured worldwide, including New York Times, the Guardian, Huffington Post, World Economic Forum, CNN, and the BBC, among others. The prototype will be presented to a restricted audience in February 2023.

How it works


How we will achieve real-world impact

We will make emissions reduction happen 10 times faster than now to enable countries and organizations that have committed to climate finance to meet their climate commitments.

  • Increase % of climate finance that goes to actual work on the ground instead of what is now spent on just paperwork.
  • Speed up the process for evaluating and getting promised money to people doing action on the ground from 3 years to 3 weeks.
  • Make climate finance accessible to people who do not have money to hire expensive consultants.

Partner with us.

We are very grateful to the Prototype Fund Switzerland and Stiftung Mercator Schweiz for their support to build the prototype.

We are raising 6 Million USD to scale a program that provides an attractive return on investment within 3 years through ITMO sales.

Our Team

Tim Reutemann

Climate Finance and Carbon Market Expert

He has evaluated hundreds of climate project applications and helped with writing dozens himself. Tim continues to draw inspiration from the young generation of climate activists globally and is dedicated to re-directing financial support to make the common call for “Climate Justice Now” a tangible reality. Having grown up online, Tim is seeking to transform the paper-based utopia of rules into a functional digital-first mechanism to fund and report on climate action globally, accessible to anyone independent of their documentation status or access to paperwork.

Nadia Alter

Creative Director

Entrepreneur born in Stockholm, currently CEO of a Swiss Cybersecurity company. As an engineer and user experience designer, she specialises in building collective intelligence tools for businesses, policymakers and activists. Over the past decade she has designed and delivered online community platforms for participatory sense making and distributed collaboration around social and environmental challenges. Most recently for the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program.

Nadia co-founded Edgeryders- The Collective Intelligence Company. The company develops tools that use anthropology to gather and analyse information about human behaviour. It allows clients to anticipate a trend before it is really there, better match solutions to peoples needs and preferences, avoid and detect errors in insights generated by ai. Edgeryders’ work has been featured in l’Echo, Bruzz, La Repubblica, The Nation, Nesta, Dazed & Confused, The Guardian, Wired

Vanessa Nakate

Climate Justice Activist

Founder of the Rise Up climate movement and the Vash Green Schools Project, which aims to install solar panels on all of Uganda’s 24,000 schools. She has spearheaded the Save Congo Rainforest campaign. The United Nations named her a Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals in 2020, and Time magazine named her to its Time100 Next list in 2021. Nakate and her work have been featured in the New York Times, the Guardian, Yes!, Vox, Vogue, the Huffington Post, World Economic Forum, the International Women’s Forum, and the Global Landscapes Forum, and on,, CNN, the BBC, PBS, and the United Nations media. She lives in Kampala, Uganda. Image credit: Vogue/ Alamy/Reuters

Matthias Ansorg

IT Engineer

Educated as a computer scientist, Matthias cares for all IT systems and software development at ClimateGains. Appropriate technology and frugal living aficionado. Winner of the "European Social Innovation Award 2013" with computational barter networks, a new mechanism for economic exchange. Prior to joining ClimateGains, Matthias co-founded Edgeryders – The Collective Intelligence Company with Nadia Alter.

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