Introductions to the crew

So I guess it is time to do some introductions since now we are a few people working together :slight_smile:

@OmaMorkie - Climate finance nerd, scifi writer, gamer and tech hobbyist. Has been in the insitutional space for some time but got fed up of dealing with semi-senile conservative olds, shitty processes and corruption. There’s a nice “professional” bio you can read here:

@Olli - Is a journalist, gamer and next cloud expert. We are getting to know one another :slight_smile: Olli we still need your bio!

@matthias a.k.a “There’s a wiki for that” - We have travelled a long way together since the early days of edgeryders. We co-founded the organisation together and Matt has been building and maintaining our technical infrastructure as well building a lot of the structured knowledge. Good at pretty much everything except for bullshit and first world problems. @daniel and Matt are brothers.

The three of you are native German speakers, Oma is based in Switzerland, Matt in Germany and OIli I think is in Germany too (or Paris?).

I think it could be nice to organise a get to know you coffee soon!


Yes, I’m on it - sorry abt that. (I’m living in Munich :slight_smile: )
“Get to know you coffee” sounds very cool

Introducing Owen: Owen is a front end artisan - code and design. Within Edgeryders, Owen and I have been working together for years to imagine, develop and test a Webkit which allows us to build sophisticated and dynamically updated “landing page” websites generated from posts on discourse. Think of it as a kind WIX website builder, using some texts, markup and tags here on the platform - no need to be a developer and can be edited by anyone with permission to do so.

To give you an idea: is generated via posts on the forum.
And you can do quite sophisticated things with it: e on (you can drag and drop the elements on that page that is generated via posts here TREASURE - Edgeryders

We are now working together on implementing webkit on the climategainse discourse installation at:

As well as some other tools like sophisticated survey tools for people to upload and comment videos e.g: Diaspora Climate Collaboration Survey.

I would like to give Owen admin access so that we can work smoothly while bothering @matthias as little as possible. Any objections @OmaMorkie @Olli @matthias ?


Hello world, I am joining here after today’s meeting with @nadia and @OmaMorkie. This post is just to get myself in the loop of notifs, and on your own radar.


hi and welcome :slight_smile: we’re discussing the contents of what should be in presentations in a different thread:

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I appear not to have access to it.

try now? I upgraded your user trust level

Yes, it works, thanks.

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