Introductions User Test 1 - 2024

Welcome!!! @Flawa and @DianeyM

@nadia is the temporary cat herder in residence and can answer all your questions about the forum and how it works.

There is also an app that you can download on your phone here:

Could you respond to this post with a short introduction of yourselves so the others know what’s happening?

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Hello team, Greetings! I am Dianey Mugalizi. A young environmental advocate from Kenya. I am leading the Clean cooking project in Kenya with the support of Tim. I look forward towards learning, unlearning, networking and building synergy together as we transition Kenyan local schools.

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Hello team ,
Am Flawa malle a climate justice activist from Tanzania, Am so excited to be here and start the green schools cooking initiatives in Tanzania under supervision of Tim , hopefully we will make it happen together


@Flawa and @DianeyM

Sooo to be very clear - This is no longer just Tim, but the ClimateGais crew from here on out. I’m heading the research, development and expansion part, so I’m your first point of contact.

But there is a whole team here :slight_smile:

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Dear Tim, this well noted, Happy to meet and work with the bigger team, thanks


Dear @Tim and the team, Today I was out of the field recording my first Video and I want to share some information that I gathered during my field Visit, thank you for the support, I appreciate.

“Brightening Futures: A Call for Clean Cooking and Lighting at Evojo Primary and Secondary School in Vihiga County, Kenya”


In the heart of Vihiga County, Kenya, Evojo Primary and Secondary School stand as beacons of education. However, their journey is hampered by the challenges of a shared cooking kitchen. Today, we delve into a project that not only seeks to introduce clean cooking solutions but also aims to illuminate the path to a brighter future for the students and staff.

Current Challenges:

Evojo School’s shared cooking kitchen, constructed from iron and mud, has become a bottleneck in the daily routine. The traditional three-stone cooking method not only hampers efficiency but also results in delays as one school has to wait for the other to finish cooking. The structure’s limitations prevent the installation of energy-saving jikos, exacerbating the problem.

A![|643x361](file:///C:/Users/Dianey/AppData/Local/Temp/lu108325lt5ad.tmp/lu108325lt5aw_tmp_872fe7fa.png) photo of the current kitchen

The Vision:

The vision for Evojo School is clear: a cooking facility that not only embraces clean cooking solutions but also provides a well-lit environment for the students. This entails the construction of a robust structure capable of supporting energy-efficient jikos, facilitating a seamless and efficient cooking process.

The Proposal:

The school headteacher and principal, in recognizing the urgent need for a dedicated cooking facility, have put forth a proposal. The request includes not only the implementation of clean cooking technologies but also the construction of a suitable structure to house these innovations.

Clean Cooking Solutions:

Energy-Saving Jikos: The introduction of modern, energy-saving jikos will significantly reduce cooking time and resource consumption, providing a more sustainable and efficient solution.

Solar-Powered Lighting: In tandem with clean cooking, solar-powered lighting will illuminate the kitchen, ensuring a well-lit and safe environment for the school’s culinary activities.

Challenges and Solutions:

Structural Limitations:

The current iron and mud structure cannot support energy-efficient jikos.


Propose the construction of a robust and suitable structure that accommodates the weight and design of energy-efficient cooking technologies.

Budgetary Considerations: The additional budget requested for the construction of the new structure.

Solution: Clearly outline the budget requirements, emphasizing the long-term benefits of clean cooking and the positive impact on students’ well-being and academic performance.

The Impact:

The implementation of clean cooking and lighting solutions, coupled with the construction of a purpose-built facility, will have a profound impact on Evojo School:

Improved Efficiency: No more waiting times, ensuring timely and efficient meal preparation.

Enhanced Safety: Solar-powered lighting contributes to a safer cooking environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Sustainability: Clean cooking technologies reduce the environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability goals.

Call to Action:

By investing in clean cooking and lighting solutions, we not only enhance the daily lives of students and staff but also contribute to the broader goals of sustainability and education.

Together, let’s do this, Thank you Tim and the team.

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Dear Tim,

Please find the link to my video record, kindly let me know if i neec to make more adjustments, thanks!!

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@Flawa @DianeyM

Thank you so much! I hope the money reaches your account soon, please confirm when it’s there.

But both of you forgot one critical part of the first deliverable: The budget for the second one. So what are we doing next and who do you need to pay how much?

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Flawa Report is here:

@Flawa This works, but less text and more images is preferable going forward. ClimateGains mission is to get away from forcing people to write these long and very repetitive texts to access funds. Instead, you can just record the situation, interview people etc.

@DianeyM great video! You can keep it lower profile and film yourself with a phone going forward if the videographer is too expensive. We hope that one day all the editing can also be automatic… so it’s also OK if you deliver the raw material (going forward).


Dear team,
Greetings from Kenya, I have walked around and picked up the most cheaper Quatations for the construction of a kitchen, construction of the energy saving Jiko’s and the Solar installation from different companies, please find below are the Quatations for your reference and approval. I look fording to hearing from you.

Clean Cooking Quatation 2.pdf (909.7 KB)
Clean Cooking Quatation 1.pdf (1.3 MB)
Solar Pane Quatation .pdf (1.3 MB)

Dear team,
Greetings from Kenya. @Tim_Reutemann together with the team, I kindly wanted I wanted to share my insights and preferences on the supplier quotes that I shared I think we go with the more expensive stove because I think the supplier has better quality, he is ready to start if given 65% which I think is ideal and if the money is available, he can start as soon as tomorrow and this will support the students get their meals served on time. Please let me know the next steps, thanks.


Dear @Tim_Reutemann @nadia I hope all is well, thank you so much for the insightful meeting today, I learnt a lot and on behalf of my team, please find my comprehensive Project Management plan. Please feel free to revert back with further inquiries or concerns, I am more than happy to learn, unlearn and incorporate them. Let’s Do This!!
Dianey M, Energy Saving Jikos Project Management Kenya.docx (8.8 KB)


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Dear @Tim_Reutemann @nadia @Reagan, I hope you are well, please find below the progress of our Kenyan Clean cooking stove

  1. Cooking points for the three schools




  1. FireWood Consumption for 5 School Days
    a) Monday

b) Tuesday

c) Wednesday



  1. The Video of Boling Water
    I will share the link after i have uploaded it on google drive

  2. Construction of the Kitchen

a) The School Laying the Kitchen Foundation

b) The Kitchen Construction

  1. The Construction of the Rocket Stove Jiko

b) Installation of the Chimney and the final Rocket Stove

  1. Launch and Tree Planting around the Kitchen
    I will share photos and the Video of the cooks cooking