Link to the kitchen evaluation video

Good morning Team

I have finally got a short video for the kitchen evaluation
Here is the link to the video

Please check it out and see if it’s useful or i should get another one

Thank you :blush:
Have a great day ahead

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Folder looks to be empty

You need to share explicitly. This Icon:

use for me

Please check the link again

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It’s working and it’s great!

In my assessment of what “verified impact” really means, this video is the key. Without a happy cook, all the paperwork is for nothing.

Very much looking forward to growing this initiativ with you!


Great Tim. is there anything else you need for the video or all is well


I personally don’t need anything else, but for the Governmental Procedures we should have the before-after comparison in the amount of wood they need. The more robust we record that, the better.

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Then i think she can receive the 40 percent


@Flawa and @Najma_Tz I hope your working on the document Tim shared to approach the government. Incase of any questions please ask for clarification.