NDC Potential Summary List

Total amount of Emission Reductions in the nationally determined contribution conditional on external funding. This is the upper limit for how many ITMOs can be expected from a country, unless they overachieve their targets. These are annual values for 2030, should probably model some curve between zero now and those numbers in 2030. We could go into more detail and check how much of those are in sectors eligible for ITMOs by our / Swiss quality standards (e.g. excluding any fossil fuel efficiency and REDD+) if we had an intern to do it. Excluding REDD+ will reduce in particular DRC potential by 200M.

Baseline: 453 Million tCO2
Unconditonal: -20%
Conditional: -47%
Available for ITMOs: 27% * 453 M = 113.25 Million ITMOs

Baseline: 403.5 M
Unconditional: 347.3 M
Conditional: 125.8 M
Available for ITMOs: 347.3-125.8 = 221.5 Million ITMOs

Baseline: 143 M
Conditional: 32% absolute = 97.24
Unconditional: 13% of those 32%
Available for ITMOs: 39.8 Million ITMOs

Baseline: Messy, around 3000 M (?)
Total Reduction potential: 21 % = 650 M
Unconditional: 2%
Available for ITMOs: 588 Million ITMOs

Hi @Victoun - numbers for financial model for the tech stuff we discussed

Thanks ! The “M” you mention means millions of ITMOS ?