New Stove Type Inclusion Protocol

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My Dears, I need all your heads to help me think through this.

Whenever a new stove type enters our program… We need to collect data on that stove and the old kitchen.,

The typical ways to do that would be:

  • To record the amount of wood used for cooking during 1 week with old & new stove. This is called “Kitchen Performance Test” KPT.
  • To record the amount of wood used to bring a well defined volume of water to boil (e.g. 20 liters). This is called “Water Boiling Test” WBT.

I think we can do both. KPT with daily pictures of the woodpile (precise, but easy-to-fake, not verifiable), WBT in one long video (imprecise, but hard-to-fake, verifiable).

We will need to put down good instructions for this process… When we have that settled and everybody agreeing to go ahead, we can move ahead with the installs.

These tests & recordings are also what Dianey and Flawa will be doing with the first stoves in Kenya and Tanzania & what all new stove suppliers in Ghana do, with @adu_ernest recording those.

Reminder: The logic is data → carbon certificates → money… so data collection is the core task for to make this a business.

What does a new stove type mean? Does it mean a new stove model?

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It means a construction team who has never build one before. We only do brick-and-cement type rocket stoves at the moment.

I think we are looking at two different things, each of which has different “thresholds” for inclusion on the list, right @Tim_Reutemann?

  1. A new stove design -
  2. A new construction crew -

Not the way I wrote it. Didn’t describe a process for 1, only for 2. (might be a good idea though)

the priority is on crew for this phase - but as we discussed a resilient approach is one that allows for other stoves that have been proven to meet our minimal thermal efficiency and health enhancing criteria. Right?

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Hello here. Flawa and her team in Tanzania have started the stove construction today.

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Video or it didn’t happen!

@Tim_Reutemann the new program steps (we only have Ghana in there) have to be fleshed out and added to app…

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@Reagan Let us try to define those steps precisely - ideally so that it can be used as a script and works for all schools under Vash Green School Project going forward.

Alright Tim. I will share something soon

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Perfect. We will finalize it in Kampala - hope to make a working app the real wedding present for our two love birds :wink:

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