Operational Steps after first Monitoring Site visit of Nsuta Pilot s


  • Start immediately with Nsuta SHS maintenance visit. Builders to remain on site until Matron confirms that the cooks are happy with ergonomics.

  • Probably includes at least:

    • Stand for stirring (bring bricks and bricklaying tools)
    • Tool for Cleaning (bring iron bar with handle bars and tools to fix wood objects to it)

Next Step:

  • Installation in one school in every region.
  • Builders record their discussions and the process in app and receive remote (+ sometimes on site) support.
  • Builders stay on site until the Matron is happy with ergonomics.

=> From here, optimize for builder ergonomics

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@adu_ernest @matthias @owen

  • When can we schedule a call to onboard Earnest on using the app, and test it one more time together with @matthias and @owen in case their are any final questions or issues to debug?

@adu_ernest - when do you have time to go over to the cookclean office with the phones? We should schedule the call 3- days prior to that so as to address anything and also produce instructions that you can take with you.

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I can deliver to them on Friday 2023-10-26T23:00:00Z.

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@owen @matthias can we schedule a call on 25/10 please? see :point_up_2:t5:

Difficult today and the next days. Though I could do a spontaneous short call today on short notice.

No need, I’ll send everything and then you guys schedule amongst yourselves