Pitch Deck Ideas

Compare this to this:

Both are Monitoring Reports for the same technology.

better link: https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/DB/CarbonCheck_Cert1486462226.32/view

Just saw that Carbon Check were the ones to write that report lol

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What should we compare what to the contents of the materials you shared? Do you mean the deck of slides you and Olli are preparing?

Sorry, thats… a UN Website, can’t link directly apparently. Search “monitoring report” on https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/DB/CarbonCheck_Cert1486462226.32/view
and click on the link, that does the trick for me.

ok is this the same as, or includes, “MADD” documents?

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The MADD (former: PDD) defines the rules & activity initially, later one there is one monitoring report per year.

I despise these documents already. If this stuff were printed it would be enough trees to regenerate the amazon.

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See, I told you. This whole thing needs digital native disruption, badly.

Little anecdote from the ministry: My colleague working on the national compensation scheme came back from two weeks of holiday and proudly proclaimed that the pile of paper on his desk grew to 86 cm…