Project Management on Discourse: Some additional plugins to facilitate our work

We are now at a point where we need to use some kind of software to manage our workflow. Rather than invest in something new, I think it is enough to use the same plugins and process as the discourse dev team. I wonder if @daniel is available to do some freelance work to install the plugins mentioned in this post?

Yes, can do that. I’ll work on it on Monday.

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thank you so much, perfect timing for this.

Turns out that not all plugins work with our current version of Discourse. So I’ll first need to upgrade Discourse today.

The website will be down while the upgrade is underway. I’ll do the upgrade late in the evening.

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One more update why the software is not yet updated. :smiley: It takes more time than anticipated because we didn’t upgrade the software for years. Need to do some more testing and plan to upgrade tomorrow evening.

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Ok, that didn’t work. Our current server is basically to old. We will now start to set up a new server and move the Discourse sites over… We’ll let you know when it’s ready.


This new integration might be interesting for us:

(Discourse now Mastodon compatible)