R&D Proposal: LARP Experience

So, to spin my approach a little further:

We could play a asynchronous Sim Carbon Market Game with actual price money for the in-game only, but real world generated ITMOs in this “minimum viable simulation” of the entire process & run it as a multi-stakeholder experience as a cooperative game - we match make players manually into crews with shared interest. This could be great fun.

Asynchronous: Because every step takes every player a different amount of time, so when keeping it sync, it takes forever or leaves people behind. Me thinks best to play async over maybe four weeks, so we can also sort out real-world stove supply chains and money transfer :slight_smile:

This sounds fun! We would need to figure out how to keep the energy and vibe flowing during that period. Like with quests or something?

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Yes. Team up, agree on split of revenue, register in registry, find a school, renovate a kitchen, get a happy cook video.

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maybe put up the script of the test run you did with V and co-instigators? So we can look and see where we can develop/map onto app stuff?

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