Scifi Econ Story Drops

:rocket: Excited to launch a weekly series of short stories from the SciFi Economics Lab, a space where imagination challenges the norms of “late stage capitalism”. Witness, a floating mega-city, showcases diverse economic systems through its unique “Distrikts”. Join us on a journey beyond conventional thought, where we delve into what life could be when freed from the chase of wages. First story drops next week!

To explore and build on the ideas that come out of Witness, our community of writers contribute stories about the city and its distrikts. What makes Witness such a rich and fascinating sci-fi world is that it is truly open source, and we want as many storytellers and artists as possible to help build it. By contributing a story, you make the experience of living in this world come alive.

Story Drops

Cor Animae

“My voice is silent,” Medea said. “Nobody will know I was ever here. But I come carrying Verbum Dei, and that is your ship’s soul. You will begin writing your liturgy"…

A Hill To Die On


“In the Assembly, she would have been gently shepherded by now into the nearest commune that could take her in, given a hot meal, a change of clothes, a shower”…

The Winged Woman


“In the Covenant, they had a minimally invasive procedure that only took three hours. In Hygge, they had managed to do over 80% of the procedures in one hour."

Unidentify Yourselves, Please


“The kitchen operates as a fully functional chemistry lab, with all heat and cold applications directly powered by concentrated solar. Pipes with hot oils at 300 °C…"

A Trick of the Light

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It can’t really take this long, thinks Lily: any processor hooked up to the State Machine must deal with far bigger datasets than the one visualised in pulsing light on the glassy touchtable in front of her.

Introducing a weekly series: tales from the SciFi Economics Lab, where we venture beyond the constraints of late-stage capitalism. Witness, our experiment, is a city of possibilities in a post-climate world, divided into unique Distrikts. Each story, a window into life unbound by the wage chase. Join us. Explore alternatives. Imagine what could be. #WeeklyStories #SciFiEconomics #ExploreWitness