Setting Up Vash Green Schools in ClimateGains App

Tim is in Kampala, setting up the ClimateGains app for the Vash Green Schools Program today.

Observations & Error log:
Setting up Organisation

  • Address is confusing, people don’t know their ZIP codes. Had to look it up. Maybe provide guidance?
  • IBAN is too restrictive. Change to “Bank Details”. (Some use SWIFT + Account Number, etc.)

Entering new Program worked.
Error when submitting new Program - button unresponsive (on Firefox):
I think the bug was due to an existing program of the same name in the app (Vash Green School Program). Newly entered data disappeared.

Step 1) Baseline Recordings

Step Description: Define the schools needs and confirm the school leaderships desire to improve the situation & define supplier and budget.

Funding Amount: 300 USD

Worktime: 1 day

Question 1: Headmaster Discussion:
Introduce the Headmaster to the program: Vash Green School Program is a youth driven climate program to support schools with clean energy. It was started by Vanessa Nakate. We are fundraising with climate donors for this, so we also need to provide transparency and evidence. Therefore, if your school wants to participate in the program, we will need to document the process extensively on camera to proof proper use of funds. Please confirm that it is OK to film in the kitchen to document the current state, construction of a new stove and return to confirm cooks satisfaction.

Question 2: Interview the Headmaster:
When did the school start?
Who started it?
Who is currently heading the school?
Is it a religious, private or public school?
How many students are in the school?
How many teachers?
How many non-teaching staff?
What meals are served in the schools (Breakfast, lunch dinner)?
What cooking fuel does the school use?
How much does the school spent on cooking fuel?
Are you interested in participating in a clean cooking program?

Does the school have electricity?
if yes, that’s all
if no: We can also offer you a solar system for basic lighting. Would like to receive this, too?

Question 3: Cooking Site
Film all sites where there is cooking in the school, during the time when they are cooking

Question 4: Interview the cooks:
How has the cooking been in the school?
What are your challenges during the cooking?
Estimate the amount of fuel you need per day?
How many meals do you cook per day?

Question 5: Get an offer from your supplier for the stove construction and (optional) solar.

Step 2 - Construction

Step Description: Confirm successful delivery of stove (optional solar)

Funding Amount: 1000 USD (for suppliers)

Worktime: 3 days

Question 1: Site Preparation
Film the construction crew preparing the site for the new stove

Question 2: Construction Process
Film the half-finished stove as it is being worked on

Question 3: Tiling
Film the tiling.

Step 3: Solar Installation (Optional)

Step Description: Confirm installation of Solar Panel
Funding Amount: 1000 USD (for supplier)
Worktime: 1 day

Question 1: Film the installation of the solar panel.
Question 2: Film the lights going on.

Step 4: Handover
Step Description: Confirm success and user satisfaction.
Funding Amount: 1000 USD (main payment for activist)
Worktime: 1 day

Question 1: Film the construction crew as they explain the use of the new stove to the cooks
Question 2: Film the cooks as they prepare a meal on the new stoves
Question 3: Interview the cooks once they are done. Questions: “Did you enjoy cooking with the new stove?” “How much fuel did it use and how does it compare to the old way of cooking?”

Step 5: Monitoring (first: 6 months after construction, to be repeated at least once per year)
Step Description: Confirm continued use of the stove and detect maintenance needs
Funding Amount: 30 USD
Worktime: 1 hour

Question 1: Interview the cooks - “Are you using the new stove?” “Did you ever find yourself going back to the old stove?” “Is there any need for maintenance?”

As a word file:
VashGreenSchoolsQuestions4ClimateGainsapp.docx (5.8 KB)