Some cover artwork for a simulation game

I diffused some draftscovers for “Sim Carbon Market”. Now picking one to refine… Any opinions? Those are my favorite motives out of around 100 latent snapshots… Any favorites @nadia @alberto ?

Prompt: The box of a video game from 1998. The cover shows cooking over a fire, solar panels and a few people around it.

On the box there is a sign with the text “Sim Carbon Market”.

In the style of Afrofuturism solarpunk
Model: SDXL

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all of them. Why choose? :))

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It takes a long time and a lot of effort to fix faces and letters, I have to start somewhere :slight_smile: It’s for Sim Carbon 1 - the humble beginnings. I kind of have an eye on - The top sign could say “Simulation” and the bottom sign “Carbon Market”, then some upscaling and detail fixing and it would make a nice cover for the upcoming release.

cheap fix for the sign & removed the half-people… this will be it for V1.0 :slight_smile:

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I like number 3 best!