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Verein Swarmpact is currently operating on the default rules for Vereine in Switzerland. Here some ideas for amendments.
I’m deliberately putting this into “Campfire” as eventually everyone here could be a member in the Verein.

Digital Association

The Association discusses on the online platform accessible at
Rules specifically for the online platform are set by the Board and accessible at: ???

All members of the Association are responsible to proactively participate in the activities on the platform, post all relevant documents there and .

Verified Members of the Verein will be marked with a Tag “Drone of the Swarm” on the Online Platform. This enables access to internal Fora.

The association recognices as the legal signature of the Board the PGP Signatures provided by Protonmail AG Switzerland,

The Public Keys of the current Board are:

Tim Reutemann
Nadia Alter

Projects under the Association
The board can start Projects under the Association and assign budgets to them.

Projects are real world change i.e. Change that goes beyond the manipulation of symbols on papers and screens.

Projects under the Association are defined as a collection of computer interpretable media files:

  • Record of state prior to change
  • Vision of change
  • Business Plan
  • Validation of the Business plan by a member of the Verein
  • confirmations of all transactions in the business plan
  • Record of the change
  • Record of the state after the change
  • Verification of the state after the Change by a member of the Verein
  • Comparision of the state after the Change to the Vision

Whenever members of the association receive payments for their work under the business plan of a project, the following rules apply:

  • The effort is to be compensated based on the number of work days required.
  • The daily rate is to be defined according to common Swiss engineer salaries.
  • The maximum difference between the highest and lowest effective daily rate paid to members of the association within a year is 300% (Intern vs. Senior).

All Projects are to serve the purpose of the association.

All internal documents and data for all Projects will be recorded on the online platform. The board is responsible for archiving and publishing the platform content.

Example: First Project, ClimateGains by Prototype Fund Mercator. Let’s publish all the financial data for that?

Programmes under the Association
Programmes serve the replication of the Change created in Projects. The Board can create new programs and assign budgets to them.

  • A Program is defined by
    a) Reference to a recorded Change
    a) Specifications and Process flow templates for Projects that can be facilitated by the Program

for example, “for all state prior to change = three stone fire in a school kitchen => approve budget of 1200 CHF”

b) A Business Plan for the whole Program
  • Program Lifetime
    Every program has a limited lifetime. The lifetime is defined in the Buisness Plan.

  • Swarmpact can enter binding contracts with third parties for approved programs based on a decision by the board.

  • The board assigns a Program Crew of members of the association to handle all operative decisions in the program and report back following the rules of the Association.

  • The Program Crew constitutes itself.

##Example Program: Ghana Green Schools ITMO Program Benefit Sharing Mechanism

Business Plan:
The program was initiated with a grant from Prototype Fund. A funding opportunity was identified in the Swiss carbon market. In order to enable commercial investment into ITMOs, a AG was founded to scale the project.
The only direct participation of Swarmpact in the Ghana Green Schools Program will be through the Benefit Sharing Mechanism.

Expected Income:
Sales Revenue from 50’000 - 350’000 International Attestations eligible for the Swiss Carbon Market from the Ghana Green Schools Program between now and 2030, according to Term Sheet and ClimateGains AG Business Plan.

The ITMOs are to be sold to the highest bidder. The financial resources from this sale is to be used to finance climate projects in accordance with the needs of the local stakeholders of the Ghana Green Schools ITMO Program.

A Project under the benefit sharing mechanism is defined as as a collection of files:

  • A video from a community in Ghana introducing a climate related community need

  • A video of an idea how to fill that need

  • A confirmation by a Swiss member in the Verein that the proposed idea is in line with best practise in climate technologies

  • A confirmation by a Ghanian member in the Verein that the person making the request is a legitmate stakeholder

  • A confirmation of a financial transaction to an account in Ghana

  • A video of the idea implementation

  • An interview with the people whose climate need is now filled to evaluate satisfaction

  • A follow up contact number and/or other address format

The Crew responsible for the Program can assign more specific budgets to the Benefit Sharing Mechanism and may additional requirements for each budget.

Hey :slight_smile: reading but no bandwidth to look into this before we are back from Ghana

This kind of thing. For both Verein and Company - link other thread.

Statues need to get done before we can sell equity I think & equity is the only cashflow pre-auction I think is realistic.

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Not sure I understand the comment or what other thread you are referring to - can you add the url?