Streamlining Supplier Contract

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Purpose of the Contract:

We will build 1000 boarding school kitchens in Ghana. Switzerland gets to claim 70 kg of CO2 reductions per student attending these schools per year from the day of installation until the 31st of December 2030 according to the rules of the Paris Agreement and the Bilateral Agreement between Switzerland and Ghana for its implementation.

We require for 6.5 CHF per student for CookClean Ghana and 1.3 CHF per student for ClimateGains Switzerland to achieve this.

Responsibilities under this Agreement:

ClimateGains is responsible for seeking third parties to invest up to 18.6 Million CHF for building up to 1000 new kitchens serving up to 2.2 million students in Senior Secondary High Schools across Ghana and buyers for the approximately 150’000 ITMOs per year authorized for use towards the Swiss NDC. This includes negotiating the details with the investors and buyers, including the size and timing of milestone payments, ITMO prices, transfers and profit share payout timing.
Investors may require payout of the principal before CookClean, ClimateGains or the Benefit Fund can be paid out their respective profit share.
Milestone payments are expected to be indexed to the progress of inclusions of schools into the Ghana Green Schools Programme as by the authorized MADD and the international transfer of ITMOs.
ClimateGains is further responsible for all administrative interactions with national authorities, investors and buyers, including Reporting and Verification. ClimateGains may use its own staff for additional monitoring and research tasks beyond the requirements of the MADD.

CookClean is responsible to progress with the installation of school kitchens to the satisfaction of all national stakeholders and provide all documentation as required by the MADD.
CookClean is further responsible to ensure that the monitoring reports reflect the real situation and no unexpected failures are uncovered during verification. CookClean is responsible to respond if monitoring detects any problems with adoption early and course correct to avoid under-delivery of ITMOs due to failure at verification.
CookClean is responsible to treat any and all staff of ClimateGains as well as any Swiss journalists with respect and offer transparency as a cooperation partner.


The parties can agree privately on limits to the terms of the negotiations between ClimateGains and Investors, such as a minimum price per ITMO and the minimum upfront component of the payments.

The default profit share after the cost is:

25% for CookClean
25% for ClimateGains
at least 10% for the Co-Benefit Fund
up to 40% for the investors

ClimateGains shall aim to decrease the share of the investors and increase the share of the co-benefits fund in negotiations.