Structure and Elements

After todays discussion, I wanted to propose the following three-pronged structure:

  1. Infrastructure
    → This is all about technology, backend and community management. This platform, the cloud, an app that makes the documentation more straight forward, better financial channels.

  2. Scaling Out - Reaching new projects in new locations
    → Key is “low barrier to entry” and accessibility for individuals outside of established institutions (like the situation of Vash in 2019 when we started). This also includes the “climate university” as all projects need to be well informed and prioritized on climate justice and relevance.

  3. Scaling Up - Growing The green schools project into thousands of schools.
    This will need more money but also improvements on 1) => Typically donors won’t want to watch 1000’s of videos, but get a good summary (while the 1000’s of videos are all there and have been watched by an “independent third party”).

Yes. Im focused on Infrastructure - which needs to be sufficiently resourced and stable enough to enable 2 and 3 to happen.

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