The Batshit Method

The Batshit Method

  • Develop a “Theory of Change” Storyline for your project that starts from a real problem and slowly escalates into something absolutely over the top obviously batshit crazy.

  • Advise: It’s best developed with a child or a childish person close to you - ideally someone who has nothing really to do with the problem except through you.

  • Start with a concrete real-world situation, start joking and envisioning. Record audio and/or write up.

  • Stop when you’re exhausted.

  • Share the audio/write up here.

  • Everybody in the group marks privately at what points the story turns from
    (1) real in principle, but a bit off
    (2) a little crazy
    (3) more than a little crazy
    (4) over the top
    (5) batshit crazy

  • Meet in sync to compare the exact location of those craziness-delineation points and discuss any differences.

Wanna play a round @nadia @Olli @tadzi… ahh, I need to get the three of them to sign up still :frowning: