Vanuatu Experience

Curious experience on the Vanuatu piloting:

Received an offer for a brand new (and quite expensive) solar system for a health clinic. A few days later, received the pictures and video, showing an existing, but currently dysfunctional solar system.

=> Similar thing has happened in Uganda schools once, with a kitchen that had a stove, but broken & currently using three stone fire.

This points to two issues:

  1. Baseline confirmation (need to show the absence of a technology => I think a walkabout and panorama shots are necessary.

  2. Reminder of the importance of follow up, servicing and repair.

Also, in both cases: It’s currently too hard to communicate resp. too risky to go try to register “repair” as a climate action, as greenfield is the default option in the project descriptions. This needs consideration going forward.

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So, Vanuatu is stuck. But I have a silly idea. What about we post a TikTok video and add all the usernames of all active Vanuatu tiktokers, offering 300 USD + travel cost for somebody to take a boat to that school and… NOT care about the solar, but film the kitchen in that school. This is the kitchen building, and my bet there is a three stone fire in there:

And then we ask for authorization for a multinational Programme for school kitchens!

Taaadaaaam. Multinational Programmes were quite normal under the old Kyoto Mechanism. This could be a fun way to push the boundaries of the Swiss a little.

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ok. What do you need for this to happen? Promo video?