Visioning, Exploring range of Possibility

"Assume we get Ghana 10M investment.

Our partner is budgeting equipment for masons. I think we should add cost for a phone each. What image do we load on the ROMs of those phones? This would cover network and video docs for the construction.

Project management can probably run in the UNDP system on server side (overview of all schools and videos, for us, pre-condensation for government use)
=> Will take two servers, one that hosts our video-exchange tool and one that hosts the overview school tracking tool.

Spitballing out loud: Current cost per school is 1800 EUR (incl. all overheads etc.) We could add another 200 EUR and add a Futel type of experience at every school to call the maintenance service? Can we stem this? These booth would also pilot grievance mechanism access / human rights violation reporting hotline UX - they can also plug into the UN sexual harassment reporting hotline.

Idea is that whoever is working in the kitchen can call customer service on the stoves. The Futels can have solar panels that detect any malfunction automatically.

It will add a bit of annual data fees, but I think we can get a good deal with a telco for this, especially if we offer them some ITMOs in return.