We are #hiring a #Carbon Caretaker!

We: ClimateGains is a climate tech start up with a deal in the #Swiss #Ghanian #Article6 #carbonmarket incoming. https://www.climategains.org

The Project: Is building clean stoves in schools in Ghana with http://www.cookclean.net

You: You are a patient tamer of paper tigers. You will be first in line of communication with auditors and regulators. This position is currently filled by me and I will be available to onboard and support you. You need some experience with carbon audits, preferably with cookstoves. Knowledge of English is required, French and/or German is helpful.

Where: Similar time zone to Ghana and Switzerland preferred. Most work happens through this forum, feel free to browse the public posts.
You will be home based and meet the team in person opportunistically. Company rule: In person time should always be fun, we can do the boring stuff alone in front of our computers. For more company rules, see https://climategains.community/c/docs/5

The contract: A temporary contract with deliverable-based payments for our first program. A follow-up position will become available based on successful authorisation of the program.

An actual human is reading your applications - Free form is fine, most critical part at this stage is your experience. Please provide links to project homepages, registry entries etc.

Post your application as a reply to this thread or sent it to info@climategains.com

Dear Tim,

I write to indicate my interest to be the carbon caretaker for ClimateGains in Ghana.

I have act as an on-ground (local) partner for cookstove carbon project developers for more than 2 years.

I have conducted local stakeholder consultation, hosted third party auditors for Validation and verification.

I have attach photos of my on ground activities, cover letter Cv for your perusal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Ernest Nyanteh Adu_CV_.pdf (590.1 KB)

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Dear Ernest,

You’re CV is quite impressive! Very good match to our targets. We will collect applications for a week or so and then start interviews.

Seeing that your are in the process of becoming accredited as a national validator - do you think the CMO could accelerate that process so that you could be the actual validator instead of the validation manager for the project dealing with the DOE? We need to conclude Validation by end of this year.

This would allow us to hire a smaller Swiss validator on this end, which I think was the original intention of the bilateral approach…

Also, FYI, you can find all the (currently: 3) registered carbon projects for the Swiss market (including their MADDs and Validation Reports) here:

Hi Ernest, nice to see you in our open office. This is where we coordinate all our activities with our . I read your post with interest and echo Tim’s reply. In the meantime if you have any questions related to the project feel free to post them here and we will reply in a timely manner.

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Dear Tim,
So the Local Expert is to provide input to assessment carry out by foreign third party auditors. Currently there are no accredited third party auditor in Ghana. So this was to provide a capacity building platform for local expert to learn (Ref: Section 4). I am interested in becoming a third party auditor and open for any support and guidance. I am willing to understudy Swiss auditors to be an accredited auditor in Ghana.

Thanks for link to MADD of project activities under Article 6 cooperative approaches.

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Hi Nadia,
Will be great if I can have a draft of ClimateGains MADD to read through for input if any.


Thank you for the clarification Ernest! I was not aware of the details in the regulation in this regard. Let’s not explore that route further and go with a DOE.

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Noted, I am Nairobi for the Africa Climate Week. Do you have any team member around? We can meet if available.

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@OmaMorkie I think Guillaume is there, no?

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No he is in Lebanon right now… @adu_ernest Let’s talk and share MADD when you’re back in Ghana?

@OmaMorkie I will alert the team when i am back in Accra on 14th September.


Greetings Team,

I have arrived safely in Accra. Hope we can connect coming week for discussion on Ghana schools Clean cooking project. I also came across of COOK CLEAN upcoming stakeholder consultation programme scheduled on 5th October. I have planned to be there.


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Dear Ernest!

Glad you made it back home safely! We have one other highly qualified (senior, international) applicant and I’m thinking the two of you could make a great team for the job. She hasn’t found her way to the forum yet, so will schedule a call with both of you for next week.

all the best

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That is great to know, will be waiting for this time next week. Thanks.