Wishlist - If we already had the money, what would we do, exactly?

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So I’d suggest we start a wishlist with all the very concrete things we need budgets for that we want to do.

Never done a wishlists on Forum. How to start? I think it will need some sorting along achievements like “Diplomacy 1” - Fund exchange students between Ghana and Switzerland and ask them to produce direct translations of key climate concepts from local languages on both sides.
“Diplomacy 2” - Fund bilateral secure communications infrastructure.
“Impact 1” - Fund X installations (in Project X (Ghana, Uganda, DRC atm).
“Logistics 1” - Fund X in trainings for more installations

Give “Bronze - Gold” level rewards, depending on size of donation. Let’s stick to Gold as most valuable, that leaves room for a platinum, diamond, masters and grand masters above the current value range of coins :slight_smile: . First Goal:

We will auction the first ITMO coins & our wishlist are the actions leading to co-benefits that the buyer of the coin can claim. Still deciding about place and location of first auction, but might get a chance to be at COP28 at the Dubai Expo, hosted by Gov of UAE… Like that we can auction up the impact of each category of action as the bets grow. “This Gold coin comes with an attached student exchange program - currently at 300’000 USD covering one sail boat trip for 30 students. The next achievement level unlocks at 400’000” - higher offers? anyone? 10, 9 , … 1.5, 1, 0.5. and SOLD etc. pp.".
I guess we could sprinke several scaleable impact auctions in - as “bit size is proportional to budget for more stoves, you get 50% of future ITMOs” into it as well.

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“Foreign Affairs” - For each stove in Ghana + you fund one extra stove in another country that currently does not have the required paperwork to fulfill ITMO requirements.

“Emergency Stack” - Environmental disaster is on the rise and it is only a question of time until one of the schools in our network will be hit by fire, flood, drought or heatwave. Emergency Funds are immediately available to cover local cost of mobilizing support to the most affected areas from neighboring marketplaces. (Case Study: DRC)

“Local Adaptation” - The stakeholders of the local school are introduced to the coming climate changes and are invited to propose ideas on how to reduce the reliance on emergency funds.

“Research and Development” - Foresight and Gamified Experiments. The R&D Department Co-Designs the shared user experience of donor and change agent and tries out variations of the current user-to-user interaction flows in prototype environments.

“Human Rights” - Enhance our shared understanding and develop infrastructure to ensure them for our stakeholders. We offer education on human rights and develop a reporting mechanism compatible with the bilateral agreement.

“Cooking Tech” - The funds will be used to enhance the physical designs and train masons in maintenance & improve efficiency, cleanliness, user-friendliness etc. of the stoves used.

“Community Gathering” - A carbon neutral nomadic event. Highest bidding tiers: Sailboats. It stops at ports in near all the countries we are active in and carries both goods and passengers & has an on-board program. It will act as a mobilizer and community builder. Through slow, physical travel and face to face meetings we build the deepest trust layer required below the surface of every global online solution.

“Evacuation” - Swarmpact is active on the frontlines of climate change, including areas suffering from repeated outbreaks of violence in the all to recent past and present. To protect our team, we are developing the necessary infrastructure to get people in danger out of wherever they are, quick. First and foremost, passports. starting from family visa and additional people from here https://vancitizenship.gov.vu/index.php/citizenship/fees-and-charges and maybe soon with https://www.un.org/ohrlls/content/bureau-aosis ? (Still negotiating to get a better deal)

“Training and Education” We will expand our ongoing climate activist training activities on climate & cooking into other areas, especially near future participatory narrative development.

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Is that an official term already? Either way, after all the cryptocurrency and NFT scamming of the last years, anything that sounds like an invented currency or like a digital certificate for nothing will probably ring some alarm bells in many brains. Can it be called differently? :thinking:


We call them coins because we intend to etch the serial number into actual gold coins.
Else they are just ITMOs (Internationally Transferable Mitigation Outcomes).

Matt makes a good point @OmaMorkie - maybe we can call them Amulets?

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Ha - if we go with amulets, we might as well call them charms :slight_smile:

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piece of mind charms…

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Well I know one thing I would like - a mobile community gathering on a sailboat. I think this could act as a great mobilised and community builder. It stops at every port and you can join that section of the journey, each section with its own goals and programming.

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another one is an extraction fund for frontline activists under threat of imminent physical harm

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hmm I would also like some kind of career/skills training and resilience hackathons for climate altered realities. With risk modelling scenarios (scifi based) and developing training curriculums based on them

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not just for kids in the global south, but for everyone trying to figure out how to be useful in the future

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Reminded of this for the crowdfunding offer

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